Veil; Privacy Is The Natural Right Of All Of Us (Chapter Two)

By ipek | ipek | 23 May 2019

Veil Coin project was a project that attracted my attention at first glance. One of the main reasons for this is that when the founder of Pivx coin, James Burden (Discord username: @4x13). He decides to create the Veil project, there are lessons we learned from the last stages when producing PIVX coin, he says. Veil PIVX's improved new model, I can say much more comprehensive. However, the main thing that excites me in the project was that it started working on personal privacy. There were so many features to write in the project that I began to write excitedly that it was impossible to fit into an article. So I decided to write a series of articles for Veilcoin. Let me start by recommending to my friends who haven't seen my first article to review the first article using the Veil part one Tab. I've been interested in crypto-money since I believed blockchain technology was the technology of the future. Because I think two cases can't be separated. Digital money will also be part of the future like blockchain technology. However, transparency, one of the key features of blockchain networking technology, results in your cryptocurrency being transparent.
The fact that everyone is visible in your wallet destroys your privacy. Here's a big problem for you. Which one of us wants the money in our digital wallet to be known to everyone?
This question is as old as the history of Bitcoin, and I have mentioned in my last article. Add the Zerocoin protocol to Bitcoin since 2013.) various studies have been carried out on this subject and protocols have been started. Today, there are many coins, such as Zerocoin, PIVX, and CRCO, manufactured for personal privacy.

What makes Veil Coin superior to other Zerocoins?

What is Zerocoin to answer this question? What Is Veil Coin? How is privacy secured? You need to ask your questions.

A) What is Zerocoin:

Zero information evidence is protocolized that offers optional anonymity added to the bitcoin network in 2013. This means that the Zerocoin protocol is an encryption method based only on zero evidence of information without the input-output records of a calculation. Let me try to illustrate this to you. Zerocoin is kept in the wallet as two types of coin. Basecoin and Zerocoin. Let's say 57 veil coin has been sent to you, 50 of these coins become Zerocoin in 10 bundles and are put in anonymous boxes and locked. Seven basecoin your wallet remains. Thus, no matter how many coins you own, you will have less than 10 basecoin in your wallet, and the rest will be placed in anonymous boxes like 10 100 1000. So how are you going to prove that you own the Zerocoins in the anonymous vault? Here is the basic logic works like this. Each 10 basecoin turns into 1 Zerocoin, and 10 basecoin will burn. The information in the base coin burned is kept with private encryption, and this information is personal. You will have your private key (lockbox) to access what belongs to you from the vault. How untraceable composers? This is where RingCT comes in. RingCT creates an anonymous signature by combining the sender's digital signature with random signatures from blockchain past operations. How will privacy be ensured when you are storing the coils sent to you in this way? You just need to prove the existence of your lockbox key. So how are you going to hide the source of spending? Here, The Dandelion protocol is activated. Allows the process to hide its source IP.
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B) What is Veil Coin:

Veil is a coin that uses the Zerocoin protocol, RingCT, Dandelion, and Bulletproofs together. By adding RingCT to zero's anonymous cloaking procedures, it was also impossible to trace the basecoin. With Dandelion, it's impossible to find the source of the Veil. And finally, it will increase scaling with Bulletproofs and provide the smallest processing size. We are currently working to reduce the processing size of 11.3 kilobytes. I know it was very technical. But I wanted to tell you that veil coin is the keeper of your wealth. By the way, where is the transparency of blockchain? The question might be stuck in your head. I want to reiterate to you that the issue we're talking about here is only the privacy of the wallet.
C) Finally, let me write a few words for Veil wallet. I downloaded the veil wallet and got the basecoin address and Zerocoin address and my keys. Team Veil intuitive, user-friendly, and most importantly, personal privacy, and created a wallet that provides user-friendly capabilities to continue to work to enhance. As long as you keep your veil wallet unlocked, it will also enable you to access your passive income source via POS.

D) Veil Coin encourages not only POS but also POW and mining. Veil will take advantage of the X16rt hybrid algorithm for ASIC, an improved version of x16r, introduced by Ravencino project, in the work-of-proof mining-PoW system to guarantee fair recovery from mining.

Why Should We Choose Weil?

==>I tried to explain the technical advantages above. I'll tell you why as a user who makes the crypto-money investment. I'll keep Veil coin.
==>I don't want my wealth to be tracked by everyone.
==>I want my wallet to have intuitive features that are easy to use and understand what I'm doing.
==>Offers top-level privacy without the risk of inadvertently making a non-proprietary transaction.
With Bitcoin version 0.17.1, it gives me confidence that it uses the most secure crypto base on the market.
==>I want to make regular passive income with infrared POS.
==>I believe that the last sentence, above all, and the development of blockchain technology by the coins, which brings personal privacy to Veilcoin and the like, will encourage more people to use digital money.



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Veil coin, as I explained in my first article, is one of the projects that do not require an ICO. You can get your personal privacy priority coini from the stock below. You can review lab solutions and long-term development goals from your resources below. I wish you all a lot of earnings.
Written By:N.ipek Celik
BTT ID: naz14
Veil Wallet Adress: bv1qzxpq39yxazd32hspf9kk6z44dxn0tjjqt0eat0

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