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By ipek | ipek | 29 May 2019

Means unnecessary traffic jams. Every engine that runs extra releases unnecessary CO2, causing air pollution. The increasing stress with your locked brain in search of empty space in the environment has already caused you to start your day unhappily. I mean, your business efficiency will fall as soon as you want. You spend the most important thing when you do all this without realizing it. You will lose TIME. Let’s take a look at the research on the time you spend parking your car every morning and see how much time we’re wasting. In Lyon and Paris (France), it has been found that people spend approximately 10 to 12 minutes looking for parking space. In some areas of London, the time spent in vain has reached 20 minutes. Author of the book of the geography of Transportation Systems, Dr. Hofstra University Jean-Paul Rodrigue 20 minutes to New York. He guessed it.


Let’s imagine that you’re looking for a parking lot every day, and this year, 40 hours of your life is spent just looking for a parking lot, not to mention the stress it creates and the damage it does to the environment. UCLA Prof. Donald Shoup says that 30% of the traffic in U.S. cities is connected to vehicles seeking parking space. Prof. Shoup pointed out that the car park problem was the source of additional traffic and pollution in the cities, and pointed out another drawback of the event.

Another research in France is about the carbon compounds that we radiate to the atmosphere while parking the car. It has been determined that the share of this release in greenhouse gases has reached 14%. Do I need to replicate these samples more?


Parksen project was born of these facts. They realized there was a solution that would help drivers find the parking space the easiest and most effective, and predicted that the problem could only be solved with smart city, smart cars, and smart software. You can appreciate that technology that allows so many variables to work in harmony can only be blockchain technology. Parksen Services provides a green, smart, and connect city with a real-time parksen park application(MVP). The Parksen project aims to create a truly sustainable and smart city platform by connecting Ethereum blockchain, smart contracts, a universal book, and various IoT devices. With the data collected, it is determined to fight against traffic congestion and pollution that makes life unbearable in large urban metropolises or in small trade and industrial cities that grow fast and unplanned.

Parksen has created an ecosystem that runs in the Parksen Park cloud that can be accessed through an API that is open to everyone who is a member of the platform. It is also equipped with blockchain technology that can be connected to all the locations of the world, aiming to protect the green with less fuel consumption. Using IOTA Tangle and its Parq tokens, Ethereum blockchain offers a variety of solutions and smart contracts to help address the parking problem in urban metropolises and fast-growing cities.

The purpose of the platform is to improve the outdated city management, remove people who have to live or work in the heart of the city from this mess, while also reducing air pollution.

The parksen project has developed an application that allows drivers to make reservations at any time, at work, or near the House. Integration of objects with the internet(lot), parking areas monitored by sensors, traffic congestion, and applications to guide the driver to find the nearest parking area, and parking areas rented by Smart Contracts constitute the system’s backbone. If we sort the advantages of the system for the drivers;


  • With mobile navigation that can be accessed via a mobile phone, the use of this route in real time will lead you to the most convenient and close parking area, saving you time and fuel.
  • The collection of traffic-related data will provide real-time information about when the drivers who benefit from the application should choose the route and will also provide the municipalities and local administrations with data on congestion in traffic flow and identify the places where the most congestion occurs. This allows the necessary improvements to be made at the distressed intersections.
  • The application not only offers the appropriate areas of the city center. It will also have information about all roads and routes and parking areas throughout the country and will provide alternatives for you to use this information.
  • In special conditions, for example, every day you go to work in the nearest location for you to make a reservation in advance. At this point, drivers are in the key areas of the city and will provide additional income to companies or institutions or even individuals by enabling them to rent with smart agreements with the application center of many parking places such as company car parks, institution car parks, which have free parking spaces for certain dates.


  • Rarely, it will provide you with a quick and easy application for the locations of Free Auto Parks, which will significantly reduce your parking fines.
  • If you use Parq tokens, you will not only have free parking spaces but also have an application that will be open to other drivers and information sharing.
  • While experiencing these conveniences, on the other hand, psychologically, you will live a much more enjoyable life. You’re not gonna contaminate our extra atmosphere and enlarge your carbon footprint. It is also your bonus to get rid of the nightmare you had when you were looking for a parking spot.
  • The token of the parksen project will be used when making use of Parq: payment or receiving of parking space within the system, traffic and Road Condition Application, and real-time information sharing between drivers.


Token and ICO information:

Token Name = Parksen
Token icon: Parq
Platform: ERC20
Max. Token Count:
Payments to be accepted: ETH, BTC, and FIYAT
Pre ICO price: 1 Parq = 0.078 USD
Ico price: 1 Parq = 0.08 USD
Soft Cap: 35.000.000 $
Hard Cap: 250.000.000 $
KYC/whitelist: KYC
Country: Netherlands






The parksen Group, which started out with such an experienced team, first implemented a small model of Park applications in the Netherlands. In practice, the most important benefit is that the project is tested in a laboratory. The project has already solved the intellectual phase. Indeed, with the increasing number of cars and people, the problem of parking in cities is far from being solved by old-fashioned methods. The project of the team that finds solutions for smart cities, smart cars, and integrated solutions is remarkable, especially those living in the big city have already passed the question of whether this project should be implemented. Such projects should be implemented as soon as possible, and the problem of pollution arising from the parking problem and the problem of crude traffic should be solved. I have added useful links to my investor friends who are interested in the project for more information about Parq. Everyone Has Plenty Of Gains…
Written By: N.ipek Celik
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