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By ipek | ipek | 2 Aug 2019

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When was the last time you gathered and chatted at a friend's House? Or check your memory, when was the last time you invited family members to your home and played fun games together? You can't remember, Can you? We live in a world so fast and the competition in our jobs is so intense that we don't have time to spend long hours with loved ones or family members. But as a social being we all need to communicate and share. We're saving up all day, all week. We need to Share our joys, thrills or sorrows. This need is not only about our relatives, but we also need to Share our thoughts, our views with people. We need environments to discuss many new ideas and concepts that we face both in our work life and in our private life. I think you all know I'm talking about social networking sites. Indeed, Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp or Messenger are the reasons why many social networking platforms have millions of users, and our hunger for sharing and communication comes at the top. We are not affected by this wonderful world that Internet networks offer us or those who do not use at least 3-4 of these platforms. Facebook Messenger has 2.5 million daily group chats. Telegram has over a million group users with 30,000 people.
But even though we use it in high demand, there are many features on each of these platforms that we don't like. Some platforms, such as Facebook, use your shares as databases and use them as sources for consumer preferences analysis. You don't know how secure your personal information is or how Private your shares remain. On some platforms, especially on sharing sites such as Telegram, where groups can discuss, you become unable to monitor the discussion as the number of users of the group increases. The writing is starting to flow very quickly. You don't get a chance to follow certain people by selecting them. But these platforms share with the help of mobile devices
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Here's the Nestree platform and its superlatives:

As a blockchain tech enthusiast today I am delighted to introduce you to a social networking site that uses blockchain technology. It's a Messenger platform built on the Nestree block chain and naturally takes advantage of the possibilities offered by blockchain technology. Thus, it offers our service a platform that is much more capable than the existing messaging platforms. Let me try to introduce some of these features to you.

  1. Filtering messages: one of the most important problems with multi-member channels is the excess of information. It's annoying that information that you can't keep track of in fast-flowing messages goes away. In this case, many users do not follow this fast-flowing message traffic. As a natural result of this, those who want to advertise on such crowded group channels cannot achieve their goals. However, on the Nestree platform, administrators have the ability to view important messages before other messages.
  2. Channel participation award: it takes a lot of time and effort for a newly established channel to increase the number of users. Awarded channel entries quickly increase the number of group members. Nestree platform rewards its members who participate in New communities. Community members ' Content Sharing is also rewarded, enabling the channel to be active. The natural consequence of this is that such channels start to receive advertising.
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  3. Thanks to the cryptocurrency wallet and ticket application provided by Nestree blockchain technology, it can also use the social networking platform to carry out its financial transactions. The use of this interactive platform, which no social sharing platform we have used to date has been able to provide, brings many features to our service.
    a. You have a digital wallet for participating in channels, producing content, or advertising revenue.
    b. You can win prizes by having new members join the channels.
    c. Performs peer-to-peer digital money transfer with the P2P feature of your wallet without charge.
    d. We get the chance to change the coins or tokens that our wallet supports without the need for an Exchange platform.
    e. Nestree uses EGG tokens to take advantage of the functioning of the platform. EGG is also an ERC20 token feature that will be quoted to the exchanges.


Channel participants can earn eggs at the rate of new users they invite to the channel, or at the rate of quality content they share.
Channel managers are rewarded with EGG as much as their activities. For example, it is possible to ensure that the channels are in the top order with EGG token.
Advertisers: EGG users and channel admins to increase the number of participants and to improve the quality of content on the channel.

Token Information:

Token symbol: EGG
Token type: ERC-20
Total Token amount: 3,000,000,000 EEG
Token Exchange Rate: 1 USD= 100 EGG
HardCap: 6,000,000 USD
SoftCap: 1,000,000 USD

Token Distribution:

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Road Map:

FireShot Capture 1200 - [ANN] NESTREE - Advanced, Reward-based Blockchain Messenger -Get on _ -


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FireShot Capture 1193 - [ANN] NESTREE - Advanced, Reward-based Blockchain Messenger -Get on _ -


NESTREE builds a decentralized, transparent and free messaging platform, adhering to the blockchain core philosophy. You can currently use Nestree Messenger by downloading it from the Google play store or App Store. NESTREE is separated from other social networking platforms by its multi-functional structure, digital wallet and financial transaction capability. Taking Nestree's eggs on the one hand will double your earnings while meeting your social media needs on the other. And if you start using NESTREE as a messaging platform, you will also contribute to our mission to raise awareness to blockchain technology. You can find the links you need to download the NESTREE application and the source links you can review the project more at the end of the article. I wish you all plenty of wins.
By: N.ipek Celik
BTT ID: (naz14);u=2221283
Nestree EGG Wallet: 0x6E15785FfB3983853234aEbd3DB5ebE6e88c5c9d

Useful Links and Social Media:

Bitcointalk ANN Thread:
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