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Riot Blockchain

By AndyWooForever | Investing Info | 9 May 2020

Most may already know about this company if one follows crypto, even blindly, but there’s much more to the company than meets the eye. This isn’t some kind of pump and dump scheme, this is an effort to help those who aren’t with it, to invest before there’s no more pullback. You must invest at your own risk, or don’t invest at all. Shorting is negated and so is pattern day trading. The famous meme is HODL, and we do just that. Then we take the earnings and use it towards R&D. Many of you may play D&D. But let’s think of that as Discovery&Development. I may not have ever played Magic, or any games like that, but I study them so I know how to have fun with friends, without always winning. Always Blue is one of my favorite games. Because when you play enough, you know how to always get blue. You fluke it and make it not blue, so that others may join along. It keeps the game going and the excitement alive. They say nobody likes a sore loser, but really, nobody likes a sore winner, not only do they win, but they degrade you because they say “You’re not as good as me, I’ll always win”. But, also remember, it’s not about winning the game. It’s about enjoying it and using teamwork to equalize fairness, opportunity, work and play. By following this way of thinking, you may work, and have quite a bit of fun doing it. Also, if you’re good enough at it, and can help a community, do it. You don’t have to be a billionaire to change the world. People may be born rich, but nobody is born Enriched. 

After taking all that in, breathe, relax. Here comes the difficult part to grasp. 

Riot at this time produces ~250petahashes, with ~2040 new Antminer S19’s, for a value of ~$4mln. Cash on hand is through the roof, and you know exactly why. They’ve settled and won almost every lawsuit, because they had to learn from screwing up, before they truly came out on top. Just like all of us. Each quarter, they increase their portfolio at an “exponential” rate. 900% cash on hand in Y19-Q3 and 3000% at Y19-Q4, with an earnings release any day now, for Y20-Q1. Each time they spend more money, they make more money. They as a company have mined a total of ~1000btc since April, with April producing 108btc. They mine other currencies as well, but Bitcoin is the main. As for their old miners, they send them off to different locations to spread and support different areas, being as efficient as possible. Their revenue shouldn’t matter, because their cash on hand makes that value obsolete. 

Bitcoin runs at about 15Exohashes total world wide. Their current power is ~250petahashes. That is 1/4th of an Exohash. They take into account heat, cooling, electrical cost, anything, to make those miners run efficient, cool, long lasting, and cheap. While also having so little of carbon footprint, it is considered negative for the actual work it’s doing, and the donations it provers. 

If a company or a part of the world that supports most of the btc network, suddenly stops, Riot is there to keep it running, and is prepared to take the Reins. 

I like music a lot too. So, here’s a lyric of probability and prediction. “When the lights go out, there’s gonna be a riot”


Let’s keep the lights on, but let’s make power consumption a thing of the past. And keep the good riot, within.



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Investing Info
Investing Info

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