Bulb & Saros: The Ultimate Match

By Investigator515 | Investigator515 | 18 Apr 2024

Exploring the Saros Ecosystem and the Super App Wallet

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With so much of our digital life overlapping with the real world, it appears that there really is an app for everything, and sometimes keeping up with that can be a little bit crazy. There’s email and multiple forms of social media then, even in the world of crypto, you’ll tend to find different wallets and websites that help you navigate through the world of Web3.

It’s fair to say though, that often this can be a tiring experience. There’s 2fa to deal with, multiple logins, was it username or email address, what was my password again and many other issues come together in harmony to sometimes make this a frustrating experience. And talking about seed phrases and wallet management strategies is a whole other conversation entirely.

Because of this, we now see a new resurgence in the “all in one” style apps that intend to provide a unique user experience that helps people navigate through the ecosystem without having to download and configure multiple apps. In today's article, we’ll be exploring one of these super apps and looking at the benefits that can come from using solutions such as these.

1*n2vsOgVI2c7GXCuGXA-B8g.pngSaros aim to provide a complete ecosystem and an all-in-one end product.

Saros: A Feature-Rich Experience

If you haven’t heard of Saros before now, some quick research will show it’s actually a pretty interesting ecosystem. Not only do they have the super app ready for users, but they also have a $SAROS token that’s already launched and is tradable as we speak.

We all know though, that without a vision, a product and financial backing a token is little more than a memecoin. However, Saros is no meme coin. Their project has actual usability along with a clearly defined vision for their place in the world of Web3.

Strong backing and collaborative partnerships also mean that Saros is well-placed to capitalize on Solana’s recent popularity and provide a positive experience to those who are new to the Solana ecosystem. Let’s check out what Saros has to offer and see what we can do with it, as well as what type of experience it can offer to new onboard.

Saros Super App Wallet

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll need to create a new wallet. However, in this instance, we’ll also sign in using an email address. This is because Saros also provides a Social Fi experience along with everything you’d expect in the world of De-Fi. This means that your favourite Web3 Blogging app will soon be available in your wallet and we’ll also see further expansion and new features within the ecosystem as the team continue to refine the product.

The User Interface is lightweight, leading to a clean appearance that’s simple to get your head around. If you’re a dev, you’ll find the addition of the Solana Testnet to be quite useful as well, however, mainnet fans are the true winners here with a vast array of D’apps to choose from.


One of the more unique features Saros has on offer is its SarosID. Touted as “your passport to the digital world” this digital ID offers a more free-flowing experience, by allowing you to log in to digital apps with no password and providing a unique way to secure your personal identifying information.

While KYC and the use of digital passports can often be a pretty controversial discussion in some spaces, technology such as this recognises the importance of securing personal information in the digital world and attempts to put this information back under the control of its users. The approach to managing and mitigating data breaches is a multi-faceted one and concepts such as this are an important step on the path to finding solutions to these modern problems.


$SAROS Token

Underpinning the super app concept is the $SAROS token, which is intended to reduce the difficulty of accessing decentralised finance (De-Fi) services. Relatively new, being launched in Q1 of 2024 the token also aims to support growth within the community.

1*chtLmNVyk2tGWX773xq7MA.pngWith the tokenomics available in the white paper for a full review, a quick look at the allocation graph shows a full 25% allocation to airdrop and growth-based activities. While you should DYOR before investing anything, a strong community focus is always a great sign that a project might be worth following. It also means there’s a good chance of being rewarded for your engagement, a pleasant perk of Web 3-based social media.

1*p4UR12TIIWMS6jIOCxdHTg.pngAt the time of the article's compilation, the $SAROS ticker was worth just over half a cent and showed a market cap of over 13 million with just over 20% of the tokens in circulation.
We also have an announcement of a BULB/SAROS liquidity pool being launched on the 22nd of April 2024. This provides a handy pairing for the users of both platforms and is a strong sign from the respective teams of confidence in both products.


SAROS Dapp’s

Saving the best bits till last, one of the best features is the array of Dapps that's available to users. With De-Fi on SOL one of the hottest trends in a steadily climbing market, the in-wallet experience makes it much much easier to trade tokens, earn yield or provide liquidity.
With the liquidity pool being a firm commitment, those who are looking at joining the Web 3 trend of being paid for your content or engagement will find it much easier to get involved and get a return on your time.

It’s not just blogging within the ecosystem though. Quite the contrary, SAROS has a heavy Dapp integration within the wallet, providing options for NFT and Portfolio management as well as the usual array of services.

Uniquely though, you’ll also find a launchpad and ways to interact across chains as well. While both concepts are by no means new technology, the ability to gain easy access and perform these transactions within your wallet makes it a far smoother process.

One of the best features though is an in-app alerting feature about wallet-based promotions. Similar to those provided within Phantom and other wallets, these will give you the ability to be notified of airdrops, giveaways and other promotions all within the security of your own wallet. Phishing attempts be gone!


Try It Out!

To celebrate the partnership and the launch of the new liquidity pairs, both projects are providing the opportunity to earn via the content to earn and referral program. This means should you be interested in trying these projects you can get involved and potentially take away some free crypto for your troubles, as both projects are actively trading with good liquidity pairings. Writers in particular might be enticed by some of Bulbs Web 3 blogging offerings and using the Saros ecosystem to interact with Solana may pay dividends later on as well.

So if you’d like to join, here are a few essential links for you.
Read the Announcement
Join Bulbapp
Access Saros Wallet
Read Bulb’s Whitepaper
Read the Saros Whitepaper.

One Last Thing

With the Bitcoin halving just days away and airdrop season in full swing, it's time for one last reminder.

Beware the scammers.

During this time, you’ll find fake airdrop promotions, malicious websites that host wallet drainers and other crypto-based scams that are designed to take your tokens out of your wallet and get them into someone else's.

Remember, validate suspicious links before you pair your wallet, use a new wallet for activities that may be risky and ensure that you’re following only official sources of information concerning airdrops and other activities.

You should also treat any NFT in your wallet that promises you an airdrop with a suspicious eye.
1*HX3tkD2SBWZhL-fIAq2zoQ.pngAnd if you’re not sure how to identify suspicious posts on social media, see the image below for some useful pointers

1*X_0kRfE0OoYIgYZ3wnCtZA.pngFollowing some simple security procedures along the way will help keep your crypto in your wallet. Which, is right where it belongs.

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