Mineex.biz Review | Hot or Not?

By LadyAlexis | investcrypto | 27 Feb 2021

Today, I found a site called Mineex.biz. It remembers me on the old days of CLDMine and Eobot which was to be honest very profitable.

But let me explain firstly what Mineex is...



What is Mineex.biz?

Mineex is multi cloud mining website wtih three different algorithms and hashpower: Scrypt, SHA-256 and Ethash.

Each algorithms has its own hashpower and currencies to mine. You can adjust for each algorithm the hashpower to mine cryptocurrency.

Below, you will see a brief overview what kind of coins you can mine:

  • Scrypt: Litecoin, Stellar, Dogecoin and ZCash
  • SHA-256: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash and TRON
  • ETHash:  Ethereum and Ripple

Additionally, you can convert your mined coins to USD later.


Registration on Mineex

The registration on Mineex is smooth. Simply register on Mineex.biz with your username, email address and password.

Upon registration, you will be forwarded to the dashboard, where you can allocate the hashpower for the given currencies.

Please note that you got 120 GHS free hashpower for signing up. These can be used to mine currencies listed on SHA-256 page.


Depositing and Withdrawing on Mineex

At Mineex, you can deposit/withdraw various currencies. These are: USD (using Perfect Money), Litecoin, Stellar, Dogecoin, ZCash, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, TRON, Ethereum and Ripple.

It seems there is no minimum deposit limit. However, when withdrawing any amount on Mineex, you must reach the minimum withdrawal threshold. These are as follow: 5 USD, 0.0001 BTC, 0.01 BCH, 0.003 ETH, 100 DOGE, 0.025 LTC, ... just to name a few.


Afiliate System

Mineex has a generous affiliate system. For every users investment, you receive 10% commissions for the first level and 5% commissions on the second level. Plus, you will receive 2 GHs for every registration.


Is it legit?

On Trustpilot, there are currently three 5-stars reviews which isn't sufficient to say if they're legit. However, on trusted foreign resources, you will find reviews that they're paying and believe it's a promising long-term site. Nevertheless, there aren't much information who is behind Mineex. According to them, they reside in Australia. I believe they may come from Russia due to the target groups on social networks.

In my opinion, Mineex may have the chance to become a mid-term or even long-term investment. Not only it offers many currencies, but also a flexible minimum and maximum deposit which allows anyone to invest on Mineex.

However, as with every high-risk investment page, invest only what you can afford to lose!


Interested in Mineex? Join Here!

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