60 Days on Alien Worlds - Earnings, Selling my NFTs and More

By Invest0x | Invest0x | 17 Jun 2021

It's been 60 days since landing on the Alien Worlds planets. I was quite a big fan of this blockchain game. After all, it was a project that really piqued my interest and opened my eyes to what blockchain can offer. For all intents and purposes, the 'game' has gone downhill in the matter of months after the Binance listing. I don't think the developers behind this game really anticipated it to be such a big hit. After all, there are very limited game features that users can interact with. Switch land. Mine. Claim. How did it become a beast with more than 2 million players signing up? Is it still worth it to keep playing?

10 days | 30 days

  1. Cost to Play

In one of my earlier posts I wrote about Alien Worlds, I was quite shocked that with some basic tools I got (which paid themselves off from the Binance listing and selling TLM for $0.70 back in the good ol' days), a player could earn something like $3 a day from just a few clicks. For players that got into the game before the Binance listing, it was really a no brainer.

Post the Binance listing and as more players were onboarded, drills that used to cost 30 cents are now at least $9-$10 on AtomicHub (and you'll need 3 of them as the very basic mining set up).

Equipment Setup: $30


But that is not all. The dreaded 'You are out of CPU' error will occur if you make more transactions on the WAX blockchain. Every action seems to be transaction. Change land uses CPU. Change tools uses CPU. Mining uses CPU and if you mine too quickly (especially when your tools have lower cooldown time which is all the beginner tools), then you have to stake a ridiculous amount of WAX.

For me these days, I either have a 40 minute cooldown between mining or I forget to mine all together. So I don't run out of CPU with about 50 WAX staked. Win-win...

WAX Stake: 50-150 WAX?? Depending on your transaction frequency; around $7.50 - $22.50

Total Cost to Play: Approx. $50

2. Earnings

I must warn you, although at times when I do mine, I feel that the TLM has been more around the 0.3-0.5 mark and occasionally in the lower 0.01 mark as well, I have lost a lot of motivation to continue. Simply because TLM price has tanked and I lose patience waiting for the Claiming screen to load. The mobile experience for this game is a lot of clicking. Login > Pray the WAX login is automatic or otherwise need to authenticate login > Wait 3 minutes to load the main page > Mine > Wait for mining > Claim TLM > Wait for claiming > Pray for no errors or you have to restart this process all over again.


3.1 TLM

Total TLM mined: 334 (+105 last 30 days) / 3.5 TLM per day (-3.0 TLM per day since May)

Total value: A$0.18 x 105 = A$18.9 or about A$0.63 per day

I do expect this to go down further as I feel less and less bothered to click.

3.2 NFTs

In my last month's report, there was a rebalancing event for NFTs drops. Since then I got no NFTs from mining whereas I used to get 1 about every 3 days or so. This was experienced by all the players it seems from various social media platforms.

Then, there was an update that you now have to claim your NFTs from the blockchain through another website. And you guessed it, you better hope you have enough WAX staked to do all these additional transactions on the blockchain.

Since then, the team also managed to release yet another update to NFT mining. They do recognise that they've had issues to scale this game as the number of players grew exponentially, so only time will tell how this update will change the amount of NFTs dropped.

Total NFTs mined: 27 (+0 in June; like everyone else I'm guessing)

With the game having released no notable new game features like Planet Binance or Thunderdome, I'm starting to lose a lot of confidence that they can actually deliver on the roadmap and execute what they've initially laid out in the technical paper. I begun offloading some of my NFTs which are now collecting dust (as RPlanet are no longer offering Aether for staking them).

Total NFTs sold: 456 WAX (consisting of many drills and random NFTs that I got airdropped from the game as well), which is approx. $68.40. Not too shabby given I've already recovered my initial investment previously so this is the cream on top.

Note: I bought extra drills when I first signed up because there was a minimum WAX purchase with fiat, about 6 additional drills to what I needed all at around 4-9 WAX per piece. I've sold nearly all my drills for about 60 WAX a pop.


Depending on how the development seem to go over the next few months, I'll also see about selling the rest of my equipment. A lot of them are NFTs for Thunderdome so unless that feature gets released, the NFTs will be pretty worthless. For now though, I still have my set up of 2 x standard drills and 1 x gasrigged extractor and 3 x standard drills I've borrowed to another player. I guess it doesn't hurt since I've already got my initial investment back already. I will be watching intently on the team's ability to deliver the upcoming features...


Let me know below what your thoughts are on this game? Will you continue playing or close up shop? Do you think we'll get Thunderdome or Planet Binance soon?

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