SwapSpace vs KuCoin

SwapSpace vs KuCoin

By Seven-NATE-Nine | Invest with Nate | 25 Jul 2021

KuCoin is one of my top favorite exchanges to use when purchasing cryptocurrency. KuCoin may not be the easiest exchange to use (especially for new crypto users), but because it has hundreds of small cap coins, has no KYC process, and most importantly it is supported by Publish0x, it is a must use exchange for me. In addition to KuCoin, I use a few other exchanges like AnchorUSD, Binance, and Coinbase.

Then comes along SwapSpace.


What is SwapSpace? And why would I ever need to use SwapSpace when I already have access to hundreds of cryptocurrencies with KuCoin? SwapSpace is a cryptocurrency exchange aggregator that uses different swap services and exchanges to find the best rate for you.

You can think of it as a service that is similar to booking aggregator websites like “Priceline,” “Travelocity,” and “Expedia.”


While you’re more than welcome to do your own searching of different swap providers in an attempt to find the best rate and whether or not it provides swaps for the cryptos you're looking for, you could take the easier and faster route of using SwapSpace. SwapSpace will lighten the load and do all the work for you. SwapSpace identifies both the best rates and the swap service that will give you the cryptos you’re looking for.

I was very surprised to see that KuCoin did NOT support the Harvest Finance governance token FARM. SwapSpace on the other hand did! And exchanging FARM tokens for any other token can be done in 4 easy steps.


Step 1 - Choose your cryptocurrencies to exchange

SwapSpace supports 450 coins and tokens that are easy to find via a search or drop-down menu.

Step 2 - Enter the recipient wallet address

Fill in the fields with the destination wallet address. Check the information carefully and click the “Next” button.

Step 3 - Transfer your funds

Send your crypto to the address you see on the screen straight from your crypto wallet.

Step 4 - Wait until the exchange is processed

Just wait until you get your coins in your wallet. The status of your exchange can be seen by checking the Swap Tracker.


And that’s it! SwapSpace makes it very easy.

SwapSpace has so many more features, such as Trustworthy Partners, No Registration, Reliable Support, it’s no wonder they’ve been receiving fantastic reviews from users.

I was fortunate enough to find out about SwapSpace on Publish0x. While I can honestly say I won’t stop using KuCoin, I can proudly say that I will definitely add SwapSpace to my crypto exchange and swap arsenal.

If you’re interested in using SwapSpace feel free to use my referral link: 


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