RollerCoin Collaboration With Chainers

By Seven-NATE-Nine | Invest with Nate | 13 Apr 2022

Are you new to RollerCoin?

RollerCoin is an online, virtual Bitcoin mining game where you can mine cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. It takes the concept of real Bitcoin mining, but instead of the sophisticated Blockchain and processing algorithms, RollerCoin lets you play games to build your mining empire. 

The game allows you to build your own virtual data center to generate power. You’ll play fun and addictive mini-games to generate and increase your mining power. The more powerful your miner is, the greater your pool share will be. You’ll play as though you were really mining: Every ten minutes a Bitcoin block is allocated and all active players get a piece of it. Your cut depends on your mining power. You’ll enjoy rewards regardless of how much time and effort you put into the game.


Last year in December the RollerCoin team posted to their Blog and Social Media outlets about a new partnership between RollerCoin and Chainers. This was exciting news as it gave RollerCoin investors a glimpse into the future of RollerCoin! The post was titled “Into The Metaverse” and it briefly discussed the RollerCoin teams plans to be a part of the Metaverse.


Here’s a little information on Chainers from their website

“Chainers is a crypto metaverse where you can create your own characters and compete to earn rewards. NFTs are cool, but NFTs that you can develop, grow, and compete for world domination with are even better!

Get your hands on your very own Chainers NFT and start building your empire today. Either trade with other people in the metaverse or battle it out in epic mini-games for riches and fame, the choice is yours. The more you expand your Chainers empire, the more powerful you become in the metaverse, and the more valuable your collection gets!”


Early this morning both the RollerCoin team AND the Chainers team made an announcement on their Social Medias about an upcoming secret!



While we don’t have much information to go off of, it looks like a new mini game is getting released! I don’t think this will be a game on the RollerCoin website since the teaser footage doesn’t fit the theme of the other games on… However I could be wrong. Just recently they answered a question on their Season IV FAQ and hinted at a new game “coming very soon.”


I believe this answer foreshadowed this new RollerCoin/Chainers game. It’s a possibility, although I could be very wrong, that this game will be accessible on the Chainers website rather than RollerCoin. We’ll have to wait and see…


What do you think about this upcoming collaboration? I look forward to any new information about RollerCoin and the Metaverse! To think of all the possibilities of being early on an amazing project before it takes off gets me so excited! Keep an eye out for this one!

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Be sure to follow along as I plan to continue posting my updates as the weeks move along. I look forward to reading your comments and thoughts as well as any progress if you’ve already started earning your free crypto with RollerCoin.


As always, thank you for your time! If you found this post interesting or helpful in any way please let me know in the comments below. Feel free to follow me here on Publish0x or on my Instagram for more articles on how I invest or how I earn other free rewards such as crypto, stocks, or gift cards.

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