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RollerCoin is an online, virtual Bitcoin mining game where you compete against other players to mine cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. It takes the concept of real Bitcoin mining, but instead of the sophisticated Blockchain and processing algorithms, RollerCoin lets you test your skills and play games to build your mining empire. 

You’ll play fun and addictive mini-games to increase your mining power. The more powerful your miner is, the greater your pool share will be. You’ll play as though you were really mining: Every ten minutes a Bitcoin block is allocated and all active players get a piece of it. Your cut depends on your mining power. You’ll enjoy rewards regardless of how much time and effort you put into the game.

RollerCoin is becoming exponentially even more popular! Now after reaching well over 1 million players, the RollerCoin team is introducing an update coming in August!


A new era of RollerCoin is upon us! What can we expect from the upcoming RollerCoin update? All we can do is speculate… but we can make educated guesses based on information the RollerCoin team have given us in the past.

New Roller-Marketplace

The last time the RollerCoin team described their update with the terms a “new era” was in July of 2020.

“Inventory Release - A Step Into The New Era!”


The inventory feature was an actual game changer back then. Allowing players to move around their personal racks and miners inside their rooms and having the ability to place your miners and racks into storage was a vital step to the future of RollerCoin.

“The Inventory release predetermines RollerCoin’s future in the development of its own market.”

The RollerCoin team has announced in previous posts that they have been working on a decentralized Roller-Marketplace. This will allow players the ability to finally sell their old miners as well as any limited edition miners they may have acquired.

Could this be what will be introduced in this new update? I believe so! The RollerCoin team has been hinting at this since 2019!

New Season Pass

The RollerCoin team have also hinted at a new “battle pass” or a “season pass” that is coming soon.


Popular online games like Fortnite, Call of Duty, Clash Royale, Clash of Clans and many other games feature a “pass” that rewards players just for playing. These “Battle/Season Passes” usually benefit players who purchase the pass as well as those who do not. My best guess is that the pass will be purchasable with Roller Tokens (RLT). Players who purchase the pass may receive a “limited themed miner” in addition to daily rewards that will be given to ALL players (this was similar to how the 2020 Christmas Event was in which the RollerCoin team delivered daily gifts). I think this would be a great idea and hope this gets implemented soon!

New Cryptocurrency

Dogecoin was the latest cryptocurrency brought to RollerCoin. The RollerCoin team have confirmed that they would like to add more cryptocurrencies to mine.


I recall seeing on Twitter that the token SHIBA was the next cryptocurrency to be added. Other RillerCoin users on Social Media have expressed their interest in other popular cryptocurrencies such as LTC, XLM, ETC, and ADA being added. Adding new cryptocurrencies to the game would be great since it would mean more options for the millions of RollerCoin users. Which cryptocurrency would you like to see added to the game?

New Roller Mini-Game


It took nearly 7 months for the RollerCoin team to release their latest game, Token Surfer, after Dr. Hamster was released. It’s been 10 months since then and you would certainly agree that we are due for a new game. Many players have suggested several new games that the RollerCoin team could implement, games such as Pacman, Chess, Hangman or a Donkey Kong style game.


Hopefully this update will introduce the new game we’ve all been patiently waiting for!

New Locations and Customizable Rooms

In late 2019 the RollerCoin team had plans to add new locations for your mining rooms, as well as being able to upgrade the inside of those rooms! 


Imagine being able to add pets to our mining rooms!


Adding posters and other decor to the rooms seems like a small feature but it would be a welcomed one! Would you be excited if this was added in the next update?

New Miners

If anything is for certain with this newest update, it’s that we’ll most likely see some new miners, both limited and regular.


My guess is that we’ll see a few miners; A small miner that is affordable for newer and beginning players, possibly costing anywhere between 10-15 RLT, an intermediate miner costing between 20-30 RLT, and a more expensive miner costing between 100-300 RLT. My prices are based on the previous prices of Miners that RollerCoin has offered from past events. The RollerCoin team has spoken of being able to “upgrade” your miners in the earlier stages of the game, could this be the time that they finally implement those types of miners?

There are so many exciting things on the horizon for RollerCoin and I am more than excited for what’s to come. I encourage anyone and everyone to check out RollerCoin for themselves to see why I and millions of other players enjoy it so much. It is by far the funnest way to earn free cryptocurrency. It’s been awhile since I’ve made post about my personal progress, but I can say that in just over 3 months I’ve already made more than $60 and the numbers are steadily increasing! Use my link below if you want some bonus BTC (1000 Satoshis) to start your RollerCoin account!


Thank you for your time! If you found this post interesting or helpful in any way please let me know in the comments below. Feel free to follow me for more posts on how I invest or how I earn other free rewards such as crypto, stocks, or gift cards.

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