How to accumulate 3000+ satoshi everyday with passive income
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How to accumulate 3000+ satoshi everyday with passive income

By Pappura | Invest With Crypto | 20 Apr 2020

Hi guys, today I'm gonna tell you how to set up an account on the best and longevous bitcoin faucet, where we can accumulate at least 100.000 satoshis passively every month, that can be good for example if you do like me and buy some bitcoin in dollar-cost averaging, that way you're gonna accumulate near the 10$ of BTC passively and FREE.

All we need for starting that are:

- A Freebitcoin account (

- Some funds in BTC (we need it for the captcha removal)

- This App for the automatizing (

After creating an account on Freebitcoin, let's see how to remove the captcha, this is the first step for letting the bot work for us, in fact the bot can't work if the captcha is on.




This can be seen on the 'Free BTC' page, the first page showed at the start, here there is the 'Requirements to unlock bonuses' button, press that for seeing the amount needed for unlocking the captcha.


Here is an example:



in this case we need to deposit a total of 0.01411650 BTC to eliminate the captcha. Anyway, that amount was normally near 100$ and it increase and decrease at the opposite of the bitcoin price, for that I recommend you to deposit a little bit more than the showed ones, this will prevent the captcha return, with the related fail of the bot when it tries to rolls.




This is my account taken by example here, and that's the final result for the complete passive income account.

As you can see, the balance is a little bit greater than the requested ones, and also the basic payout, that way this method is perfect for integrating a dollar-cost average accumulating on bitcoin, in my case, for example, I usually buy like 25€ every month on BTC, and now with this, I could increase the investment by 25% or pay 25% less for the same amount.

Moreover the deposit also gives us an interest of 4.08% APR paid daily, so it gonna increase with compound interest, and the amount added by the faucet contributes to increase it faster too.


: :

: :


Anyway, you want it to be passive and constant, so now it's time to download and setup the BitBot app.

Here's the link again (no ref from that):

In the first screen of the Freebitcoin section you can find a video tutorial if you got some problem setting up the bot.




This is how my account looks through BitBot views and this is the best stable optimization for the bot. For reach that during the first days you have to set the RP bonus at the maximum possible at the time when you reach the maximum bonus (1200 RP cost for 100RP/roll), you have to wait since you can set, this time for the last time, the auto bonus at the same level of mine. This is mathematically the best setup if you only receive RP from rolls, some days you may not reach the amount for the 500% bonus, don't worry leave it with that setting and it fails the claim for that time but doing that the day after you got a good amount for taking back both again and a little buffer for sustaining it for minimum a week.


If you set all correctly and follow those tips your account will look like this:


(Freebitcoin multiply BTC view)


Doing this you can add near 10$ to your monthly balance and it's perfect if you accumulate Bitcoin in dollar-cost averaging as I yelled before, because the faucet pays a satoshi amount based on the current BTC price.

So that's awesome and even better if you register from my ref on Freebitcoin (, because I'm already sharing back the 50% of the amount earned from that. Win-win always better like the most of blockchains systems ;)




Thank you for your attention and eventually for your referral sub, if you got some questions you can ask me below or in DM.



Hi! I'm a media engineering student and I love to discover new things, learn how do they work, why that way, and most importantly, why they exist. Anything happen for nothing, everything could happen.

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