Discover Deriv: πŸ“ˆ The Flexible, Accessible and Simple Trading Platform.

Deriv Trader

If you are looking for a broker that allows you to operate without restrictions 7 days a week and makes it easy for you to start with little capital, Deriv is a great option.

In this complete review I explain what Deriv is, how it works, its key advantages and also consider some important points before starting. Keep reading!

1. What is Deriv and What are Synthetic Indices?

Deriv is an online trading platform that allows you to trade CFDs on forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities and more. It was founded in 2014 and has since expanded to serve customers around the world.

What differentiates Deriv from other brokers is that it offers 24/7 access to the markets through its Synthetic Indices.

Synthetic Indices are artificially created financial assets that replicate the behavior of real markets such as currencies, stock indices, commodities and more. They operate 100% of the time, including weekends and holidays when traditional markets are closed.

This allows you to take advantage of more opportunities and operate without time restrictions.

2. LetΒ΄s look in more detail at the benefits of trading with Deriv:

β€’ 24/7 Availability: Open and close trades at any time, ideal for acting quickly in the face of market changes.

β€’ Low Minimum Deposit: Start trading real from $0.35 per trade. Excellent for beginners.

β€’ Demo Account: A $10,000 demo account is fully available. The practice account can be used to test strategies or to learn how to trade. The demo account has no time limit, comes with an unlimited fund and is available on all Deriv platforms.

β€’ Synthetic Indices: Expand your trading opportunities by accessing synthetic markets with high volatility that can be operated even outside of traditional trading hours.

β€’ Tools for Traders: Improve your performance with advanced features such as Purchase Confirmation, detailed statistics, customizable alarms and more.

β€’ Deriv Bots: automate trading strategies 24 hours a day by setting up bots that trade for you.

β€’ Regulated and Safe: Deriv complies with all legal regulations to operate online safely. Your capital is protected.

➑️ Deriv πŸ”— Create your free demo account by clicking here

3. Trading Plataforms

Deriv offers a wide range of trading platforms to meet the needs of different types of traders. Within the 8 available interfaces, I would like to focus on describing 3 especially powerful ones: Deriv Trader, Smart Trader and Dbot.

Deriv Trader

Deriv_TraderThis platform provides an agile trading experience, ideal for traders who need efficiency and operational simplicity.

Its intuitive interface allows you to open and close positions in all financial markets quickly with just one click.

Additionally, Deriv Trader is customized to place the tools you use most where you want. For example, you can drag and drop indicators, pending orders, candlestick charts, and more to create your perfect workspace in seconds.

You also have customizable keyboard shortcuts to execute common actions such as opening long and short trades such as scalping, canceling orders, modifying stops and more. With these simple improvements you will save a lot of repetitive time.

In short, it is optimized so that you can focus 100% on the price and market opportunities, without wasting time on unnecessary processes that take you away from your strategies. Β‘Operational ease is the name of the game!


Smart_TraderΒ Β 

It is the ideal platform for traders and/or beginners looking to increase their performance in a simple way. Its friendly interface and intuitive tools make it extremely easy to use.

For example, it has functions that simplify key elements of trading:

β€’ Open Positions Shows a visual summary of each active trade with essential details such as profit/loss, elapsed time, etc. So you can monitor your operations at a glance without complications.

β€’ Purchase Confirmation This feature analyzes the operation you want to execute in seconds and gives you personalized suggestions to boost your chances of success, before you confirm the order. A plus of simplicity to improve results.

β€’ Configurable Alarms and Notifications receive alerts about important events directly on your platform or via email. For example, you can schedule profit warnings, maximum losses, extreme market changes, among many other possibilities. Without you having to do anything, SmartTrader watches over you while you trade relaxed.

As you can see, all the elements of SmartTrader have been designed to simplify the trading experience, helping you trade smarter without much effort. Let technology work for you.

So if you are looking to start trading easily, SmartTrader takes your trading to the next level by helping you make better decisions.



Deriv Bot is Deriv's automated trading solution, which allows you to easily build and execute your own automated trading strategies, without having programming knowledge.

With drag-and-drop technology, you can build, test, and deploy bots without advanced programming knowledge. This opens up these powerful tools to more types of traders.

Then the bot operates 100% automatically 24 hours a day, on multiple instruments at once, while you rest or do other activities.

If you thought that automating your trading was difficult and complex, Deriv Bot completely changes the equation. With its revolutionary drag-and-drop platform, creating profitable bots is simpler than ever before.

➑️ Deriv πŸ”— Create your free demo account by clicking here

4. How do I open an account ad Deriv?

Deriv_Create_an_AccountAs you will see, the value proposition that Deriv offers is very solid. Below I explain step by step how to open your account.

The registration process in Deriv is very simple, it will only take you a few minutes:

1. Enter the website and click on β€œJoin Now”

2. Enter your personal details and verify them

3. Choose the currency of your live account: USD, EUR or GBP

4. Make your first deposit from $1 using a credit, debit or cryptocurrency card

And ready! With just those 4 steps you can start operating.

You already know how quick it is to get started on Deriv. If you want to delve deeper into all the capabilities that Deriv makes available to you, I recommend watching the full video tutorial, where you will find detailed information and step-by-step demonstrations.

5.Regulation and Licencing

Deriv operates under robust licenses and regulations that ensure the safety of its users. Some important details:

Deriv_Regulation_and_LicensingInternational License Deriv (Europe) Limited holds a Category 3 license granted under the Malta Investment Services Act (IS Act) by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). This entity supervises that Deriv complies with all standards of business conduct and investor protection.

Deriv's International License ensures that client funds are kept 100% segregated from the company's funds in top-tier European bank accounts. It also ensures that the company complies with the European MiFID directive.

Other Regulations Deriv is also licensed by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC) which requires it to protect the interests of operators under strict protocols. It is also registered with CONSOB of Italy.

The firm complies with the 5th European Anti-Money Laundering Directive, which includes rigorous user identity controls. It also implements the European GDPR Privacy Directive to protect personal data.

In conclusion, Deriv users can feel confident operating under the protection of strict licenses and regulations that protect their money and personal information.

6.Transactions Methods

Deriv stands out for its large number of methods to deposit and withdraw funds without additional costs. Let's look at the available alternatives:



Ways to fuel your Deriv account include:

β€’ Bank Transfers: Allow you to start operations with only 5 dollars. Funds are credited quickly, in no more than 24 hours.

β€’ Credit and Debit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro): More than 10 dollars or euros to start. Payments are reflected instantly.

β€’ Digital Wallets (Skrill, Neteller, etc.): From $5, with immediate credit to the account.

β€’ Cryptocurrencies: From less than $1, with immediate credit to the account depending on blockchain congestion.

Deriv does not charge commissions for adding money to your balance.


You can also withdraw your capital and profits through the same methods, maintaining the minimum withdrawal limits.

For example, by transfer or card it usually takes up to 24 business hours. With electronic wallets the wait is shorter, between 1 and 2 days and from minutes to 24 hours for cryptocurrency withdrawals.

As with deposits, withdrawing money from the system is 100% free for the user. This is an important differential for Deriv over other firms.

Β 7. A Final opinion

In summary, Deriv offers an agile and accessible platform to operate in many financial markets, with the advantage of being able to do so 7 days a week thanks to its synthetic indices.

Its features such as Smart Trader and Bots allow both beginners and experienced traders to implement and automate strategies to enhance results.

However, it is important to remember that all investments carry risk. Therefore, trade responsibly only capital that you are willing to lose and always use stops to protect your account.

If you are looking for time freedom, accessibility and automation for your trades, Deriv is a highly recommended option.

So if you want to give your trading opportunities a boost, I invite you to open your free account at Deriv.

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We wish you much success in your learning and earning journey with Deriv!

➑️ Deriv πŸ”— Create your free demo account by clicking here

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