It's all about ... what? Cryptonian space?
It's all about ... what? Cryptonian space?

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I guess this is the answer.

No stress about the art/music/content you deliver, on platforms like hive or steem or even on publish0x it's actually about the power you have in your account.

I'm trying to understand how some people are trying to take advantage of this lockdown ( if we can call it like that) and without posting the music, they're just posting something with title related to something from music, and guess what??? $$$ are raining to their post :-)) Nice ...

The funky part is that everyone is complaining about the fact that are locked inside their illusoric houses with their kids/wife/relatives and they cannot live together.

Is this not the trap into which you've stepped not so long time ago?

"All is One" ... now you'll have it but you cannot understand the true meaning of it :-)))

As i see arround this illusion/matrix/maya called internet everyone is inside their house but disconnected from the loved ones ;-) sitting on their own idiotic phones ...

All is one anagramicly speaking, means "Alone" ( all plus One is alone)

You'll taste the power of One but the way you wouldn't expected ...

Meanwhile, maybe yu'll have time for my music/art ... if not keep going in your ignorance ...

As Cypher said " Ignorance is a Bliss"

Never to forget the connotation in this that a bliss is connectes to ibliss ... how's that entity, maybe you'll ask yourself? It's the best friend of humanity epxecially in recent times/eons.

Time's are changing people ...

Regards and enjoy the music from some of the new game changers inside the new matrix/crypto space

Love and spend your precious ticking seconds inside this vast Eon Time frame with your loved ones, your Family ...

Time's running fast by the way ;-)

Ciao a tutti




Lucian Nagy Composer Multi ethnic instrumentalist
Lucian Nagy Composer Multi ethnic instrumentalist I'm an artist/Musicoin ambassador. You can find out more by visiting my webpage from the link above. I'm here to present the blend between the art/music & cryptonian world.

Introduction to Musicoin World
Introduction to Musicoin World

As a musicoin ambassador, i’m honoured to present you the new music platform on the blockchain, entitled, Musicoin through which you can stream the whole catalogue of music presented by a vast list of independent musicians. The magic about this platform, is that is absolutely free, also, being without ads integration. Musicoin has revolutionized the creation and, most important, the distribution of value for every artist and his musical creations.

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