Hey everyone, a bit more of a serious post for a change. I thought I would impart upon you my limited yet invaluable knowledge I have on the elephant in the room, CANCER. Many would argue this is a 'man made disease' to a point I would agree. The medical industrial complex is a vast array of complexities stemming decades, political, social, fundamental mostly ECONOMIC and more. Before I continue I would just like to state the views expressed in this blog are mine alone and suggestions to alternative healthier routes from my personal experience and research alone.


When I was very young I lost my Grandmother to this terrible disease. She had a brain tumour, she went the traditional 'medical route' chemo, radiation and sadly a few months later succumbed to her illness. I say 'succumbed to her illness' tongue in cheek and dripping with sarcasm as personally I believe she truly succumbed to medical malpractice and negligent criminal intent. I was young and did not understand it all, what I did understand was, my Grandmother whom I loved was no longer around and I did not know why.

Around a year ago my landlady was diagnosed with Cancer, the prognosis was not good and sadly, like most people, she put all her faith in 'mainstream medical practices and solutions' for her condition, contrary to my alternative health suggestions, to her!

She had brain as well as spinal cancer, her cancer history stems many years she did recover from breast cancer in the past and went on to have three beautiful kids. Sadly this time around she was not as lucky. She was diagnosed with cancer in January 2018 and tragically died in March. From swimming with her kids happy and healthy in January, to dead in March, I AM SORRY, I smelt a rat. Again, the opinions expressed here are mine alone based on my experience and research, BUT I truly believe the Medical Industrial Complex killed her. She was 'fearmongered' into going mainstream and getting chemo and radiation as the 'only' way to recover (what a lie that was and history absolves this). After her second round of chemo and radiation she was hospitalized in ICU, her electrolytes 'mysteriously' dropped to dangerously low levels, she went into a coma and two weeks later, tragically she passed away.

What recourse is there? What of her husband and three kids left behind aged 8, 11 and 12?? What of their story?? I was once asked this question: What do Doctor's do with their mistakes?? They Bury them!! The conclusion of this sad tale certainly was so, however in rebuttal simply to be told by them, cancer killer her. LIES IT'S ALL LIES!

I have since done extensive research into chemo and radiation and it would appear that all is not as it seems, or as we are told? The medical industrial propaganda machine is one based on one goal, and this is certainly not saving people, but meeting targets and making fat stacks of profit at the expense of human life!


In summary and to answer the above question I believe the causes of cancer are relatively simple and again contrary to what we are told by the proverbial 'MEDICAL INDUSTRIAL PROPAGANDA MACHINE' society has been programmed for eons to believe that cancer, is simply 'genetic'. This is not so. Cancer is as a result of predominantly diet and lifestyle, we are what we eat rings true. You may question this? If it is not genetic why is everyone in the family experiencing this pandemic? The answer too is simple, not because we all have the same genes, because we all have the same diet and lifestyle, if that changes, so will the status quo! But this is NONSENSE My Mom, Dad, Brother all had cancer and I got it too, so it has to be genetic?? But your Mom, Dad and Brother all lived under the same roof, ate the same food, were exposed to the same poisons and lifestyle!!! Think outside the box and seek truth, as I have!

Below is a group on Facebook of which I am a member, a group of open minded folks discussing cancer, their personal experiences, cures and more. If this topic interests you and or you have someone needing community support away from mainstream and their lies, I highly recommend joining, interacting asking questions and collectively finding solutions to this horrendous scourge. This group gives a new hope and understanding and who knows, may just render you the vital information to heal yourself or a loved one.


My sister @buckaroo is a 'natural health proponent' I have learnt much from her and continue to do so. She has a fantastic range of natural soaps, moisturizers and more, (check her products here ) which I use regularly, which raises my next point.


If you look at our daily habitual exposure and consumption, it comprises mainly of GMO's (genetically modified organisms) or 'bionic food' as I like to call it. This rubbish is not fit for human consumption. Our daily exposure to radiation in the form of WIFI 4G etc. Our daily exposure to chemicals, poisons, mercury (do you have any fillings?) fluoride and more. All of sudden a more holistic picture becomes clear and you begin to question based on the above how it is that many more folks do not succumb to this scourge? Humans were not meant to be exposed to this barrage of what can simply be deemed as poison and radiation!

In order for your body to perform it's vital functions on a daily basis it needs to be fed CORRECTLY on a cellular level, if your cells are not fed correctly they get ill, it really is as simple as that. Eating junk food, fast food and whatever other rubbish we consume and expecting to live a long healthy happy life is just daft! You need to feed your body correctly and on a cellular level!



We all need these they are a fundamental necessity to hygienic living, but are they healthy? My straight answer is categorically no, so what is the solution? Alternatives do exist. Yesterday I sent my sister @buckaroo a message on whatsapp. I wanted an alternative to the traditional mainstream dishwashing liquid. I feel that breathing this crap in every time I was dishes was detrimental to my health and it is. She gave me a fantastic alternative called probac their website here for more information I purchased my first bottle yesterday and it really is fantastic, albeit double the price of the mainstream toxic soap!


If you look at any teflon pan older than a few months what do you notice? Most of the teflon has disappeared, where it goes, is down your throat into your blood stream causing untold damage that no one thinks about, this same rule applies to aluminium and plastic containers. The levels of microbial plastics in our blood stream is far too high to be healthy. Fluoride has been classified as a neurotoxin yet in 2019 they still poison our water and toothpaste, why you may ask? Follow the money trail and agenda and generally always it will lead you back to the medical industrial complex. Get away from the rubbish, buy natural toothpaste or make your own as mentioned and purchase a high quality water filter!


One of the ways in my belief that we subject ourselves to the above mentioned poisons daily whether we are aware or not, are commercial deodorants. If you take a minute to inspect the ingredients on the deodorants that you administer to your underarms on a daily basis and the negative effects thereof, if that ever even crossed your mind? Your skin is permeable, meaning what you put on it, is absorbed and ultimately ends up in your blood stream and organs, does this sound like something you really want? Aside from aerosol deodorants and hairsprays that end up in your lungs! Often you hear of folks that end up with lung cancer that have never smoked a day in their life, no one ever questions aerosols, oven sprays, hairsprays, household poisons and more?? If we were to take a little time to think about how many of these we all use daily without fear of consequence, we would be horrified, I was!

My solution to the proverbial BO (Body Odour) again is rather simple. Lemon Juice, yes you heard me correctly, simply administer a little lemon juice under your arms bi-daily. Lemon juice is both anti-bacterial and anti-viral and works wonders at holding bad smells at bay, sure you wont smell as if you just left the local Givenchy factory on a hot date. If you want to 'smell nice' simply spray a commercial perfume or deodorant on your clothes in a well ventilated area or outside (DO NOT INHALE).


Another commercial poison is toothpaste and fluoride, I don't want to delve into this more than I have, as much of the above mentioned applies.

A very easy and natural toothpaste that works wonders are 2 drops of organic cold pressed coconut oil, a drop of mint essential oil (available at health stores or dischem in South Africa) and a sprinkle of bicarbonate of soda! Or go to your local healthstore for a natural toothpaste, many exist albeit at double or triple the price of mass produced commercial crap!




This is a tough one and there is almost no escaping it, but you can do what you can to minimumalize the risk. Do not sleep with your cellphone next to your bed, put it as far as from you as you can. Any modems, routers etc install on the other end of the house and as far away from you as possible. Sadly we live in a modern world where everyone has them, so generally in the cities this radiation is concentrated and unavoidable!


A healthier, more natural, lower stress way of life is the answer. Better food, better life choices, better living conditions! Cancer cannot survive in a highly oxygenated high PH blood environment, achieving this is the first step to recovery!

Do you know that Marijuana used to be legal globally, big pharma actually used to sell it as a cure, until what happened? They realized it worked too well, they were making people better and this is not their mantra. Their mantra is to keep people sick, to continue supporting this evil establishment. Healthy people do not make for good business, ill people do.

Marijuana, 100 years odd later, is again in the process of a global decriminalization, good thing you say? Sure, until the medical industrial complex patents and synthesizes and genetically modifies CBD and THC to sell as a GMO pill (which they are currently doing). Based on everything said, do you really want this? A GMO THC or CBD pill mass produced by Big Pharma will not cure any disease, but treat the symptoms to keep people returning for more. Back to my original point MONEY AND GREED!

An interesting article here as per from this you can draw your own inferences!

I met a chap years ago on facebook whom I used to purchase and sell medical CBD oil from. He is highly qualified and makes the highest quality CBD oil in South Africa for more info do inquire here as per

Outsider Labs


Here a great article by Markham Heid on how stress affects cancer risk..

Another fantastic story is that of a South African man named Garth Kent, he had lupus, which as per the medical fraternity is 'not curable' guess what? He rejected this notion traveled the world, searched for alternative natural remedies, got well and started this company.

They do a live blood analysis and tell you exactly what is wrong with your body and treat you accordingly, their website below.


Another fantastic natural South African website with tangible solutions to sickness here!

A great way for optimal health is high oxygen levels in the blood, this is why exercise is so good for you it quiet simply oxygenates the blood, many folks do not have the time or inclination to exercise, so what are the alternatives?? Oxygen drops are a great way to oxygenate the blood, do check out the website below which explains more of the process and science behind it.

Copied directly from the website:


How does Cellfood® work?


Cellfood® enables nascent oxygen to be generated by the splitting of water molecules in the body into atoms of nascent oxygen and hydrogen. In biochemical terms, a newly born single atom of oxygen in negatively charged (O-). Free radicals (which many biochemists believe are the primary cause of the ageing process and degenerative disease) are positively charged single atoms of oxygen (O+). The nascent oxygen atom (O-) is attracted to the (O+) forming a molecule of pure oxygen (O2) at the cellular level where it is needed.


How does the body absorb Cellfood®?


The nutrients in Cellfood® are in colloidal / ionic form. Colloidal particles are minute (4-7 nanometers in diameter), and because of the Brownian Movement Phenomenon, they take on a negative (ionic) charge and remain suspended in liquid. Because most bodily fluids are colloidal and negatively charged, the body perceives Cellfood® as normal healthy body fluid and allows the nutrients to pass immediately through the sensitive membranes of the mouth, throat and oesophagus into the blood stream.


Vitamin C has been defined as the 'cure all' I am not 100% sure that it in fact is a cure all, I do however feel incredibly important combined with other healthy alternative options many of which I have mentioned above. Here a fantastic article by for more information




Sure the ultimate would be to live in the bush 100% off grid drinking mountain water, breathing only pure air and eating organic home grown fruit and vegetables in an idyllic stress free environment without a worry in the world, BUT, the reality is this is only possibly for very few folks. My suggestion would be to make a weekly improvement to a healthier lifestyle. For this week I changed my dishwashing liquid, granted the 'healthier option' cost double the price, but what price can you attach to your health?

Every week I plan to make just 1 change in my life for a healthier, happier more fulfilled and successful one. I challenge you to do the same.



If you found this informative and helpful please do share and spread the word. I would love to hear your thought's below. I truly hope that it will encourage you to live a healthier more fulfilling life!

Have an awesome weekend.
Peace and Love Always!
Be Blessed




I am a South African Bunny Hugger, Bee-Keeper, Medical Cannabis Proponent, Steemit blogger by the same name and all round general nice guy!

Introducing Myself. Hi From @craigcryptoking!
Introducing Myself. Hi From @craigcryptoking!

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