Aquaponics Mini hybrid garden system NFT/EBB and Flow!
Aquaponics Mini hybrid garden system NFT/EBB and Flow!

Hey everyone, what do you think of Aquaponics? Have you ever heard of it? I plan to do a series of Aquaponics posts, in my opinion no better way exists to grow both vegetables and protein (fish) in a closed loop system, conveniently, sustainably with heirloom vegetables just the way nature intended.

This was a small unit I made to test a hybrid system I had in mind.. It wasn't the biggest system but it really did work a dream . I always recommend starting small while learning the ins and outs of aquaponics.


I used a 110 mm PVC pipe sun treated this is very important as the sun can be very aggressive on plastics that are not treated. I used a 76 mm hole saw to drill the holes for the baskets and placed them in this configuration to grow strawberries (which do very well in aquaponics) Sadly though my positioning of the system wasn't conducive as there was just not enough sun and too many tree's for strawberries.


Here I had a bell and siphon system with automatically drained the water once full. I used a specially engineered folding stand my initial idea was to make these units in volume so they they could be shipped all over with ease, however the cost of a custom aluminum stand was just not cost effective..



If you are keen to get involved with aquaponics and have any questions on how to decide on which system or plant of fish to use do comment below and I will gladly assist. I used gold fish in this system as they are very resilient to temperature fluctuations on both ends of the spectrum.

Here I was doing further experimentation in the gravel with Rhubard and a few herbs which worked very well. The baskets were yet to be planted.



All you need is fish, vegetables, water a pump and a few containers, the results you will achieve are exemplorary!!



Any questions below? Shoot!!



I am a South African Bunny Hugger, Bee-Keeper, Medical Cannabis Proponent, Steemit blogger by the same name and all round general nice guy!

Introducing Myself. Hi From @craigcryptoking!
Introducing Myself. Hi From @craigcryptoking!

Hey everyone, I was never a blogger, I didn't consider myself a blogger up until I was introduced to cryptocurrency back in 2017. What a journey it has been with ups and downs but under the pressure of the current long lived bear market sadly mostly down.

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