Risk free Investment on axie infinity with CLX Token

The idea of playing to earn while giving users the opportunity to play and earn but these games require NFT characters which cost from 100$ to 1000$ of $USD. Of course, the better the character properties are more it will cost and it also will always perform better and be very helpful in the game to defeat the other players to earn more.

Let’s again take the example of Axie Infinity as it has strong fundamentals and development and first of its kind to prove its practical existence in nft play to earn gaming era. This project will stay here in long term as an investment perspective. Because in cryptocurrency and stock market there is a saying “Good and expensive thing will be more expensive later”.

How Consistency Labs $CLX token can fulfill its slogan making blockchain gaming investment easy, risk-free, and profitable in case of Axie Infinity and other blockchain games and keep CLX token price goes up with buyback CLX token mechanism with the revenue we will generate with this Axie inifinity and Other play to earn Blockchain gaming, All will be explained below.

Let’s say we launch our token @ the price of 0.02$ as per our original tokenomics of the token sale. An Axie player who wants to play start with a good axie meta team that can maintain up to 2500 mmr. He will be definitely concern about R.O.I. Currently, it charges him about 600$ for a meta axie team which could earn him in beginning 110 and later on 200 slp per day. Which are like 4$ per day which maybe change later due to slp price pump.

But with Consistency Labs Gaming guild he can buy 100$ worth of CLX token whatever price there will be in exchange to leverage a meta axie to play which are worth 600$. So that only charges him about 100$ no matter if he buys CLX at the price of 0.021$ or from the seller order of 0.022$. Which will definitely help CLX price to move upward.

Now that player if he bought 100$ worth of CLX at the price of 0.021$ he gets about 4762 CLX tokens. He goes to our application page. Where he will fill in his desired axie team detail also if he has URL of specific Axie to buy. Just he has to be careful the cost of Axie does not exceed more than 600$. Otherwise he will need more CLX tokens to leverage meta axie. After filling out the form and selecting the amount of token that person is willing to lock he will submit the application after agreeing on our terms and conditions.

Consistency Labs will consider his application on a first come first serve basis, of course, depending on the date and time user submit the application. We will review the application to buy the meta axie. After we turn the application confirmation status in the user profile to approved. The user will see QR code for his meta axie in his user profile. The user can scan it in his game and start playing the game as a scholar on 50%/50% reward sharing between US and him. There will be payout tabs too in our application where the user can request to claim his SLP earning. Someone can request for replace axie to better for new seasons which rule will be revealed later.

When can unlock my CLX token?

The user can see his Token locked status too in the application. To unlock the CLX token user has to pay back us the 100$ which he can pay us back from his earning from SLP tokens he earned. And own his 4762 CLX token and is free to sell CLX token at on much higher price than he bought. we will use these 100$ to buy back CLX tokens, Get other scholars their meta team axie team to play or invest in other play to earn blockchain games to increase our portfolio to generate more revenue.

R.O.I (Return On Investment) difference with and without Consistency Labs gaming guild platform.

If the user goes buy Axie meta team himself and risk his 600$ and earn let’s say daily 4$ per day. It takes him about 150 days to reach his breakeven point. Of course, he owns his own nft’s but who knows the risk of slp drop or his axie team will be worth the same as 600$ after a few months or not.

Buy locking the CLX token someone just put 100$ worth of CLX token which he locks safely in our wallet. Above that, he has the opportunity to play with the meta Axie team. And earn half of SLP let’s say 2$ per day.

Reach 100$ in 50 days. To pay us back and unlock his CLX tokens also above that keep meta play axie infinity as a scholar. By that time I am sure his initial investment will be more than 100$ because we keep buying back our own token with the revenue we will be generating from Axie infinity and other nft gaming investment.

We see the fair value of our token 0.1$ — 1$ in near future. Because we are only 100 Million in total supply also our own NFT play to earn PVP RPG 3d game with the limited supply of CLX token will be launched in quarter 3rd of 2022.

I hope that the article helps you to understand how we will be generating revenue and helping NFT game players to start nft play to earn games with a risk-free strategy.

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Consistency Labs
Consistency Labs

Consistency Labs is a decentralized crypto market investment analyzing platform to make blockchain gaming investment easy, risk free and profitable.

Introducing Consistency Labs -Tokenizing blockchai
Introducing Consistency Labs -Tokenizing blockchai

Consistency Labs is a decentralized crypto market investment analyzing platform to make blockchain nft gaming investment affordable, easy, risk free and profitable.

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