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Iceland: Day 2: Center of the Earth, ponies, climbing a metal volcano, telegraph tower, hot pot with a tiny house

Day 2, Sunday

Middle of the earth, ponies, climbing a metal volcano, telegraph tower, hot pot with a house

Milena sleeps tired after the night shift. She came back at around 6 am. A delicious breakfast awaits us on the table. There is Icelandic skyr (kind of cheese), Polish bread, tomatoes... Delicious...

We're going to pick up Artur from the airport. We also take the rental car right away. It was supposed to be JEEP Grand Cherokee, but we got Nissan Pathfinder. Nissan is less luxurious but a little longer and has a very flat floor after folding the seats. It is perfect for sleeping in it. Still a quick trip to the store for some eatables and we say goodbye to Robert. We decide to make a circle around the island. Just a glance at the weather forecast is enough for a decision. We know where to start the tour. In the coming days, the sun will heat only in the Western Fjords. The rest of the island will be covered with dense clouds.

A circle around the island

All clear. We head towards the legendary entrance to the Earth's interior. According to Krzysiek, Juliusz Verne placed this entrance somewhere near the Snæfellsjökull ice cap. Nothing spectacular, but how could we miss the opportunity to be in Iceland and bypass entrance to the Earth? Along the way, the views are wonderful. We stop practically every bit. We photograph everything: stones, grass, streams, Icelandic horses, sheep...


We avoid Reykjavík in a wide arc, to travel as far as possible today and not miss the sun waiting in the fjords. We will visit the capital at the end of the journey. Somewhere along the road, we see beautiful Icelandic horses. We stop. They come to us. Wow! They let themselves be petted. Super calm and friendly horses. We take pictures with them and drive on.


Entrance to the Center of the Earth

Snæfellsjökull (1446 1446 m a.s.l.) is covered with clouds and it is difficult to assess what the peak looks like. The weather has got a little worse and not much can be seen. We make a "circle" around the hill and head towards the western fjords. Along the way, we see an open-air museum, but it is already closed, so we can not go inside. We admire only grass-covered roofs. We pass a very characteristic telecommunications tower. Before sunset, we enter a crater (Saxhóll), an obvious tourist attraction, because metal stairs are made to the very top. Already in the dark, we are going towards the fjords ... Unfortunately, we have not found the entrance to the interior of the Earth; (


Thanks to we have a hot pot on the radar, which is not literally a hot "pot", but a hot mineral spring. We find our destination late at night. It is beautiful and very climatic. The natural jacuzzi is lined with stones and about 70cm deep. You can sit back and warm up the rump. Nearby there is a dressing room with natural floor heating :) Boulders lined on the dressing room floor are warm. Geothermal effect of a warm source. Probably the water flows exactly under this house. We are lucky that nobody is there, although the hotel is very close. We jump in and bask in blissful relaxation after a long day of impressions. At least half an hour passes by. Despite the very late hour in the distance and darkness, you can hear the approaching team of tourists. A little scared and average satisfied we leave the water. Unfortunately, we are not alone. Tourists turn out to be a relatively nice group of young eastern Germans. It is enough for us after all. Warm and refreshed, we return to our Jeep - our new home for the next few days ...


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