My Own Bedroom Design

By luizbilang | Inter.Spaces | 20 Aug 2020

This is my first post in this designing blog, please show some love~!

Since the pandemic quarantine, I had all the time to do things that I haven't had time with before due to school and other tasks. I am very fond of designing a room and house and room renovations videos and series on TV and on Youtube. So since I didn't have that much on my plate, I decided why not make my own? 

Special thanks to the application I used, "Room Design" for making my designing journey easy and fast. 

b733c64e840293d65b50ea9b5acae07c4b0d263c7abe96b9b5f7365d3e8963d3.jpegThis is the view from the entrance of the room. I decided a day bed that's right next to a window since I love looking out. There is also a huge space in the center as I love making crafts and things on the floor.


So from the day bed, this is the view. And entertainment and dressing area. I designed the mirror with plants to acquire the greeny-fresh yet stylish vibes to the room. If you noticed, the entertainmemt area is separated from another room. 

edc590680a7a6078adc0a197e72f4fd898681f68504e3bb92698fe01b5a24792.jpegThis is the study area, I put an interior wall between the two since personally, I have a low attention-span. I get distracted and tempted easily so I really need the barrier. Due to the same reason, I went for a simpler amd cleaner look for my desk. 

c335852e0e2584e02f8d011d23c4aec01bce14d53dc961e2ed3ba6860b2b9040.jpegAnd last but not the least, the bathroom. Believe me when I say I could spend a day not going out of the bathroom as long as there's a bathtub. I just love water so much and it comforts me how the water hugs my body. 


There you go! I hope you loved the design and leave a comment for your thoughts. 

Thank you!

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