Five Ways to Gain Traffic & Market Your Online Business…

Ah digital marketing, my best friend one day and my worst enemy the next. There is nothing quite like the feeling of crafting a foolproof digital marketing strategy that succeeds. Really...NOTHING. But when things go wrong? Yeah, that's when we want to run away screaming with our hands in the air or, if you are like me, hide under a blanket and eat maltesers.

Do not fear marketing friends! I have been working on a few different marketing avenues over the past few months and I have picked up some great resources along the way. And I have decided to share them with you, in the hope that we can all become better marketers in our own right. Plus, once you have a couple of these content creation and sharing sites under your belt, you are sure to get a high five from the big boss too!

So here we go…

Q&A Sites are Your Friend…

There must be someone out there who is looking for exactly the product or service that you are offering. There just must be. Luckily for you, we can now take a look online to see if there are people talking about what you are offering. So take a look!

While working for Discount Promo Codes, I found that there were groups of people discussing discount codes and vouchers on Quora. Lucky for them, I was working with a voucher code provider. I just popped a link in with a nice, bulky and super informative answer to their question. It worked wonders! I got a nice link and some traffic, and they got the answer to their question. Win win, right? Q&A sites are a great place to start if you are looking for some quick wins and mutually beneficial marketing!


Build your Medium presence…

The more high quality, white hat and awesome content that you produce, the more likely you are not just to gain a following but to have people click on the links in your content too. They’ll be wanting to know the extra information. If you have a blog post on your site that you want to perform better, then write another blog post on Medium that links back to that blog. This can not only improve your blogs ranking, but it can also encourage some traffic too. This is not an easy way to gain traffic and it may take a bit of work but it is ultimately worthwhile!

Create visual stories…

They call themselves SEO’s best kept secret, and I am going to let you in on it! Visual stories is a platform for creating and publishing AMP stories online. Not only can you gain some exposure, but they have a whole host of AMP sites that you can write for. That means loads of different marketing opportunities! Hell yeah! I wrote one for BusinessZeal about how businesses can help not for profit organisations. This is a definite site worth accounting for in your marketing strategy!


Always consider your video presence

Video is massive. I mean really massive. I mean like the majority of web traffic is going to end up being related to video content related in the years to come. Do you know what this means? Get those videos made, start that YouTube channel and up your visual content game! Even short form movement can have an impact. Using moving gifs, doing short how-to videos and hosting a whole range of video will have a good impact on your marketing. People love sharing videos, so you may just want to start creating them!

Share your stories to Vocal is yet another content redistribution site that allows users to upload their written articles! They have a range of channels that you can upload to and their readers are super dedicated. Having a high quality piece of content on Vocal will certainly gain you some traffic, plus you will have a link as well! So get cracking and write some irresistible content for Vocal!

These are but a few of the content marketing tips that have worked well for me. There are so many ways that you can up your digital marketing game; some good, some bad. Whether you want to create an affiliate site to make money or whether you are trying to get your blog out there, theser are some actiuonable places to share your content! Ultimately, failing makes you better. So go ahead and fail at your marketing strategy this month because do you know what? You’ll be a whole lot better next month because of it! 




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