The Do or Die First Step for Online Business Success

The Do or Die First Step for Online Business Success

By Joan Altres | Internet Marketing | 2 May 2019

If you're looking to start an online business, it's vital that you get yourself in the right frame of mind first.  All too often, online start-ups fail for a thousand reasons—for clarification, we don't mean that there are thousands of reasons that they fail (which there are), but rather that newcomers to the industry suffer from information overload.


Finding Your Focus – Finding Your Success


And that's one of the best and worst things about the Internet—there is so much information out there, you can literally hop online, learn everything you need to know for free, and then start making money.  Of course, that's the best case scenario and it also takes a lot of time and great decision-making (aka “luck”), but it certainly can be done.


But what happens most of the time is that people will see the success stories of online businesses, read into the multiple methods these organizations used to achieve their success, and then come up with some sort of hybrid, half-vision for their own company.  Unfortunately, this leads directly to disaster almost 100% of the time. 


Rather, it's vital that anyone looking to make money online find their focus, sticking to just one vision, strategy and plan for their company.  Too many people jump from system to system, looking for the magic bullet that will shoot them to success.  What they don't understand is that there are two major flaws with this strategy:


  1. Marketing strategies take time to work, so jumping from one to another before the first gets a chance to become effective is simply shooting oneself in the foot.
  2. Most money-making systems that aren't well-thought out and established will only lead you to jumping ship, making them self-fulfilling prophecies of lost revenue.  To top it off, many of these programs are ran by the same umbrella company so they want you to try system after system so they can keep making money off of you!


Gaining the Money Making Mindset


With that said, you need to focus on a specific vision and strategy to reach your desired end goals.  Your goals have to be firm and reachable, with your marketing strategy being feasible for reaching those goals.  Then, when you've decided upon your goals and strategy, you have to have enough fortitude and gumption to stick it out, no matter what.


This is the only way that you will gain success through Internet Marketing and your online business.  Of course, you're welcome to try chasing pipe dreams around the internet, but if you're serious about your money and making even more of it, you'll listen to the words of those that have come before you. 


As a challenge, feel free to search on Google for Internet Marketing strategies that advise you to use multiple strategies or jump ship the second you see a little dip in revenue or profit—here's a hint: you won't find any.  Rather, what you will find are successful online entrepreneurs who have implemented a basic strategy—there really aren't that many that truly work—and then fine-tuned it to specifically benefit their business as they went along.  Radical changes in Internet Marketing strategy after campaign launches are just bad business.


And this is the Money Making Mindset of successful Internet Marketers everywhere.   The sooner you allow yourself to get into that mindset and frame your brain for online success, the sooner you'll start turning the profits you desire.  Passive income streams are not pipe dreams at all, only the myriad ways you can get there are.  Choose the right strategy for your online business and you will enjoy success. Period.


Choosing the Right Strategy for Online Success


So, what is the right strategy?  Well, that all depends on your goals and company, but here are three general strategies that have brought many online entrepreneurs big success:


  • The Do-It-Yourself—This is the strategy that takes the most time to learn, but also allows you to get the most hands-on in your business.  The information is all out there, ready for consumption, you only need to have the time, will and patience to learn it all.  While this might not be feasible for everyone—and not even a want for some—it will allow you to keep a lot of your profits as you won't have to outsource as much work as with someone who chose the outsourcing strategy.  Speaking of which...
  • The Outsource—When you choose to outsource your work, you free up a lot of your time to focus on other aspects of the business, but you also pay for this luxury.  Outsourcing is a great way to get professional work done on your entire company plan and website, but it can also lead to inconsistent quality if you're switching from provider to provider.  Stick with just one provider for the majority of your outsourcing needs, but be sure that they are competent and competitively priced before committing. Good outsourcing is a skill in itself you must develop over time.
  • The Turnkey—The third wildly successful business model for online success is called a turnkey system, as in you just turn the key, start the engine and drive down the road.  These are sites where everything is set up for you and with a little fine-tuning, you can make them unique and fully customized.  There's no learning curve and since everything is through one provider, you have consistent quality.  This is by far the fastest way to get your online business up and running with quality content and instant credibility—but it will cost you promoting this kind of business, because other similar businesses use the same turnkey systems and they are part of your competition.  Still, if you have the money to drive traffic, this is one of the best ways to go for a lot of people.


Customizing Your Marketing Strategy to Fit Your Product


Of course, choosing the strategy isn't the hardest part.  That comes about when you have to fine-tune it to fit your exact niche, product, goods or services.  Still, with the right mindset for success in place, that isn't a Herculean task.

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Joan Altres
Joan Altres

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Internet Marketing

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