Luckyfish, BetFury and Trust Dice in a comparison test

Luckyfish, BetFury and Trust Dice in a comparison test


I registered with all three casinos via my email and was pleasantly surprised because, actually, when I was a little boy, I was told: “Keep your hands off gambling”.

Today the situation is a little different and there is a lot of structure and skill behind these casino sites. Congratulations at this point to the owners of this websites and its programmers.


I want to write about the basic structure of these casinos and there are huge differences between them.

All 3 casinos have one thing in common, however, the registration is done either via a special wallet or via the e-mail address.

The more uncomplicated variant is to register via e-mail and I decided to this step. This turned out to be a big mistake,


If you log in via a wallet, there are usually little or no fees. With the e-mail variant, the whole thing looks a little different. There are sometimes considerable processing fees for the transactions.

As payment method, I refer to Bitcoin, which is currently the most popular payment in the crypto world.

For me the following sequence resulted. Here the most expensive side first:


1) Trust Dice. With a minimum fee of $ 3, variable.

2) LuckyFish. 1 $ (slow)

3) BetFury. $ 0.25, that's actually okay.


The minimum payout:


1) BetFury: $ 0.50

2) LuckyFish: $ 0.20

3) TrustDice. Very, very high. Only worthwhile with high profits.


Now I would like to move on to the financial structure. Every single one of the casinos has its own faucet, which is immense.


BetFury. A faucet claim with a value of 25 satoshi every 20 minutes. That's about 0.25 dollar cents at the time of this writing. The faucet claims are stackable and thus the amounts add up. Example: 10 claims for 25 satoshi result in 250 satoshi, in total. BetFury has its faucet, called Box on its website, which generates 1,800 satoshi a day for its customers.


TrustDice opens with a softer method. The claim timer is programmed for 6 hours and the faucet knocks out 100 satoshi for its customer. No marathon claiming as with the aforementioned casino. Very pleasant. In theory, there are 400 satoshi in here per day. The claims are stackable.


Luckyfish is completely different, it rewards its royal customers with 50 satoshi. This amount is increased by chat activities, but only for one day. In addition, rain is generated in the chat. Rain means a currency amount rains down on all active or defined chat participants and is divided among them.


BetFury and Trust Dice are going another way.

The bets placed in, are converted into tokens and stalked. This means for the customer that he participates in a certain percentage of the company's profit and receives a daily profit distribution in the form of dividends. The more tokens, the more dividends.

An exotic, but also ingenious idea for both the customer and the casino. Through this system, loyal customers earn a passive income through their gaming activities

On top of that there is a cashback, with which you get a certain amount of the placed bets refunded.


The providers advertise a VIP status on their websites, which can be increased through gaming activity and thus receive additional functions and better modalities on the beers. Among other things, an improved cashback.


In my ranking, I rate the degree of difficulty and thus the speed of leveling up, similar to computer games. That pleases me.


1) BetFury. A pleasant and relatively drafty high level in relation to the competition providers.

2) TrustDice. Harder than Betfury.

3) Luckyfish. Wtf.


Not so nice: s BetFury and TrustDice do not offer in-house variants of slot games. Only Luckyfish does that and makes it possible to play slots. The other providers use external slot games, which are much more costly and are very difficult to reach with faucet claims. It would be my dream that this is improved.


If you want to register, here are the direct accesses to the corresponding pages:

BetFury registration. Click here

TrustDice registration. Click here.

LuckyFish registration. Click here.



Collect the faucet amounts during the week and then gamble them away on Friday to start the weekend.

My favorite is BetFury. Fast leveling and good withdraw minimum and fees. Followed by LuckyFish, with its better games and TrustDice. But check yourself.

I have not yet requested a payment from the websites mentioned. But I would be happy if many would join in and become “co-earners” of a casino. I'm curious. Mathematically, the system behind it is feasible.


Of course, money can also be deposited on all websites that are offered. I hope for a fork at this point. Success for the Operators, but also the customers of the casinos.

A pioneering innovation in my opinion, and pretty much the best I've seen in many decades.





I say goodbye and stay healthy.



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