Word of mouth moves markets.

By Introspection | International News. | 11 Jun 2021

Good morning community, today I would like to write about word of mouth what is happening in the global markets.


You are afraid to take a position but the other part of your brain tells you it is the right thing to do?

If no one is talking, do it, the probability that your operation will work is much higher than listening to the youtuber of the day or the news.

In the same way it works in the opposite case, if everyone is talking, undo your position or lower a % for you to win.


And it is that we must make mistakes to improve our sense of smell, few ways more than these teach you the total operation of a market.

You must be strong and partition your strategy, it happens in many occasions that we wish with all our energies to acquire a position but we forget the security apart from the broker's commissions, the speed and the not reasoning almost always takes you to make mistakes.

From the Chinese we have learned that strategies and logistics is the fundamental pillar of your weapons or assets to be able to earn your bread for the year.


When everyone wants something badly, it is possible that you as a good investor may not want it, depending on which player wants a product you may be more interested.

This is happening a lot with Ethereum that many people strongly believe but the market is delivering too many weighted solutions, it is a clear example that something is over valued.

Thanks for giving me this space community, I am enormously grateful with the tips and comments of each one.


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