Why we should support ethical content creators.

By Introspection | International News. | 23 Jun 2021


Good morning community today I would like to write about why we should support ethical content creators, those who will give you a hand or never work for you to waste your time.


In many occasions I find content with malicious intentions from naked girls to guys who are just for their appearance or because they are the *fashion* as soccer players.

There are channels like Hols, World Of Warcraft player who gives his donations to the community every month, he lives from this but gives what is left over to live tightly.

On the contrary, there is Willirex who only want to squeeze every penny out of your wallet, recently registered the sale of their NFT which created a worldwide controversy.

Generally ethical content creators are found in groups with people aged 30+ who enjoy their content and support them when they need something.

On the other hand, those who are only interested in their own benefit are targeting minors who do not know very well how to use their needs to profit with them.

As a content creator I invite you to review the portfolios of those you support, see their movement and what they do with their money, because you contribute much more to people who give their money to charity or give it back to the community in some way, than some people buy luxury cars or goods that are not essential.

I value every comment and opinion.

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