When you are in a place and you don't feel safe.

Good morning, today I would like to write about when we are somewhere and we do not feel safe, in Chile the drug does not dominate the region but there are many extremely dangerous.


Today I had to help my mother in her retail store, I usually go there once or twice a week to order and store her merchandise.

Today was different, I wanted to look to the sides and I could see people who were part of some clan or mafia, not only next to me but all over the place.

Chile is going through difficult times, unemployment exceeds 10% which leads people to make extremely risky moves for very little pay or just for the delivery of benefits.


How should I react if I am in an unsafe place, generally is to feel the evil and be temperate, calm, do not observe much or generate aggressive movements.

One never knows how people can react, many times we do not know the deficiencies they have in their homes to reach these extremes.

You must be calm, not voluptuous and simple if not these people will notice your behavior and will go against you.


I have also felt the same feeling when I live in a new place, when I rent a room in a hostel.

There have been nights that I have not been able to sleep or the level of insecurity is very high because you do not have total control over your room, other people have keys.

It leads me to think that security is extremely important, without it we will not have a good time, or we will always be alert to any strange behavior.

Thank you very much if you can leave your comment or any point of view, I value every letter and point of your opinion.

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