What is Time why do we appreciate it so much?

By Introspection | International News. | 29 Apr 2021

As I write this post 10 minutes have already passed, a percentage of my life has vanished, cells, millions of interactions have happened around me.

Time is the most precious thing we can have, it goes from one second to another in the blink of an eye from night to night.


What could we call time? life? It would be interesting, since life vanishes when time goes by.

We manage to create great asañas through life, colors, irreproducible situations, moments in which you realize what it is to live that will never come back.

Moments in which life has so much value that we do not want time to pass.

I invite myself to value life, time, the opportunities it gives us to change a color or image, because it is better to try, to make a mistake, to fall than to let things go on in the same way.

Our time will determine the future of all people, it will depend on it if in the future you will be able to make many people happy, because that is what commerce is all about.

Bringing satisfaction to millions of people with a small premium that they will give you.

We must choose what is right and leave what does not work or what kills the earth in the past, we cannot tolerate unjustified faults, nor irresponsibilities.

Time is running out on us as minutes passed as we write this post we must stop destroying our planet or whatever is detrimental to the health of all.

We must take care of each other, regardless of race or sex we are human, it is a fundamental rule to take care of humanity.

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