The Internet is one of the best technologies on earth.

By Introspection | International News. | 23 Apr 2021

Good evening community it is a pleasure to be with you again, support the community and grow which is the most important thing.


We move as human beings, as people, we are something, we are life.

it is very difficult to think that a person could be in 1990 writing to another person through the internet, that it would be instantly secure and encrypted.

at what point did we evolve, at what point does it take micro seconds to send something?

It's fantastic.

We have improved as humanity, improved quality of life, information, talking to our loved ones, meeting people we will never see in our lifetime, creation of fair economies, as well as very interesting debates.

Who would think that an outsider would build a new and innovative technology for the good of all.

This was impossible in the past centuries, politicians, corruption, stages of military dictatorship.

It is unthinkable all that the internet has given us, competition is not only in your country, but the whole world competes to improve something.


The future, nature linked to the internet, would be fantastic.

Respecting human life with fair rules, detach the capitalist fabric that keeps millions of people sad.

Internet is much more comprehensive than we think, it is one of the greatest inventions of all mankind,

Yes, of humanity.

We must take care of it, any application company or economic group that wants to cover it, must be stopped, because publishing on facebook can be censurable but even on the internet it is not.

If we respect the principles of non-censorship, the human being will evolve quickly, money will stop mattering.

Why do you want money if you can be happy.

Animals will be back in sync with humans, everything in due time should improve.

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