The importance of food.

Good morning, I would like to write about what we eat, how important it is for our body and what we should value for our good performance and progress.


In the past, everyone grew their own food, each person could create their own food according to their own interests.

Then these processes changed, the productivity and exploitation of the land came to the forefront because you could generate more food with less effort.

Currently neither quality nor productivity is valued, only sales, this is very worrying because they sell products as if they were something and really.

They are only chemical compounds that emulate the taste or substance of the natural product.


This is legal, clearly not, you can not sell cheese when what they sell you is fat with flavorings, but to this point we have taken capitalism and exploitation, besides giving our time for something that is not worth it.

It is very likely that all these foods produce cancer or very aggravated consequences on the human system.

Since they have too many compounds that currently do not produce damage but in the future it is very likely that new *regulations* will appear out of nowhere because people are affected and you can not hide that it is food.

In Europe it happens with chicken and some foods that can not be sold if they contain a type of hormone in China in the same way but in Latin America you can sell all kinds of food, freely.


I worked in a food refinery specifically livestock product, chickens, turkeys, cows, everything related to meat and I found it extremely curious that a kilo of chicken (1000 gr) cost a dollar.

If you think coldly this does not make sense, in a kilo are more than 5 chickens that you had to keep for a few weeks considerably increasing the price, but 1 dollar, something extremely perverse must be hiding behind these factories.

I urge you to visit your local fairs away from the supermarkets.

You will see the difference in the producers who sell their products at a very low price and the quality is extremely superior to processed foods.

A backpack full of real health foods at your local fair is no more than $10 and you walk away with lots of food, lots of it.

A backpack full of very poor quality products costs around 50 dollars or more with a few products that are mostly pastas, processed foods.

I am very grateful for your comment, I value every word you can leave.

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