Sky our light frontier.

By Introspection | International News. | 30 Apr 2021

I had the pleasure of working in an observatory, seeing all kinds of telescopes up close, getting into the bowels of a lens, seeing the sunset completely clear.


About 6 hours of travel to get to the telescope in Cerro Tololo you met people from all countries, China, Brazil, Germany, United States, each country has its observation base.

There are also telescopes controlled through the internet, every night they open a shed full of machinery where they are managed through the internet.

A city in the hills, a very pure air, the quality of food, security and above all that there was no light pollution was highly valued.

Observing the sky without pollution is beautiful, you get to see many things that with the naked eye you would not be able to see, the constellations, the colors, you feel something totally different.

I invite anyone, that if you ever want to see something really great escape to a hill away from the city at night and look at the sky, the difference between not seeing it and seeing it makes you think or change your mentality.


It gives us a view of our ancestors, we get to see what our ancestors observed, why they made some decisions.

The geographical changes why they went from one place to another, how they managed to differentiate their ceremonies.

For them the sky was really important, they were able to plan many future events.

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