Love gives us a hand and leads to progress.

By Introspection | International News. | 28 Apr 2021

It is interesting how the love we feel for our partner can make us progress, feel happier or healthier in every way, they know what they are looking for and will try to see it in you.


Some women have a healing power, they see far beyond what we can see.

They fill all things with colors, they are nature itself on our arms.

But there are also some who only want to hurt us if we do not fulfill their whims.

There are all kinds of women in this world, some good, some bad, but the good ones will never disappear, that is what nature needs, balance, healing above all things.

Should we be alone during our life? It is respectable but you need at least to feel the sensation of being loved by another person, sometimes it generates the change in our life.

Children come along and everything takes second place to the happiness of your family.

Because problems are just problems, but life is in front of you with an assured future, your seed.


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