Large cars large houses.

Good morning community, today's topic will be interesting because when I went out in the city I noticed that everyone has giant cars all extremely large, why is this happening?


In the future this kind of objectivity for unnecessary products will not be sustainable, it will be for the cost of metal, it will be for the human to feel great.

Usually in a car goes a person and little else but to build a monster oil eater that makes no sense.

Note that my publication is not a criticism, it is only a criticism to what the companies have reached.

I know that in the past cars were much heavier and consumed more, but it was for the safety of its occupants.

It will be true that we will be left with the earth totally exploited and Elon musk will migrate to mars with the elite, because if we continue in this way we will only go to that place.


Our planet needs us, for decades we have wiped out millions of species, humans and productive land.

Why feed one country must destroy another, something is wrong.

In the 70's, Chile went through a crisis of inflationary increase, the only way to be able to overcome it was with the introduction of private enterprise, globalization and the exploitation of its land for export.

It is not a crime for products to travel from one place to another, but when exploitation is valued without seeing the future cost, we are literally burning the planet.

Because the fertilizer produces you in an altered form for 1 or 2 years productive harvest, but for decades leaves unusable in addition to pests by attacking the land itself.



I am very grateful if you can leave your comment or any point of view, I value every letter and point of your opinion.

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