How positivity will help you throughout your life.

By Introspection | International News. | 27 Apr 2021

Good morning community, it is a pleasure to be with you one day, to have a stable internet connection and to be able to be heard on the internet.


I have gone through many stages during my life, from being alone, sad, under pressure but the only thing that helps you to move forward is to be positive.

It helps us both in the mind and in the soul, you feel lighter and at the same time you are happy.

Feel that happiness that you don't even realize how the day went by.

To feel that you are surrounded by people who love you is one of the best feelings that a human being can feel.

Because all the things that do not make you happy pass to second grade, you do not care who is reigning because you live together and not in solitude.


Once we fall we must be strong and say we have 100 years in our lives why be sad if we can make our life pleasant.

Sunbathing, although few people believe it helps you too much to change our mood and recharge us with positive energy, your bones, there is no better remedy than what the sun gives us, are the few resources we have preserved from history.

Eating healthy by eating poor quality products you absorb nutrients that will only deteriorate our organism.

By eating poor quality food you transmit the suffering of thousands of animals in bad conditions, I worked in a meat processing plant and the chickens are cheaper than a lettuce, something bad exists in that place.

You must be strong and overcome adversity, we live in the 21st century and few stop to think and be happy.

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