How important stability is.

By Introspection | International News. | 29 Jun 2021

Good morning community, today I would like to write about how important is the stability that affects us, why we should value it.



We can eat a lot but affect our organism, or we can eat just enough and develop our organism in the right way.

Our neuronal system knows this, we cannot go 3 days without sleeping, it will only regulate our body to rest.

Nor can we lie down all day long, our muscles will wear out.

This happens in all the elements that interact with the human being.

From sight, greed, sociability, psychological elements, alcohol, the hours we spend in cold water, etc.

Today a tragedy happened in Miami, USA a building collapsed.

When the stability of building materials takes a back seat, these things happen.

When human life takes second place, greed justifies it.

When the sale of air is allowed to normal people giving up their working life, it gives us the information of how little it is valued.

If you don't take care of yourself no one else will, if you eat just enough to live you will be happy.

If you earn enough to be able to eat, why else?

If the knowledge you acquire fills what you are used to visit every day, be content.

Stability is as important as air.

It fills you up and improves all aspects if you repeat it day by day.

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