Do we project in streaming?

Good morning community, at this moment I'm listening to a Twitch stream, which makes criticisms to different games, recommends some, too many people follow it.



It is interesting to see human behavior which can move millions of people giving opinions.

The evolution of advertising seems to be live in 2021, but why will this happen?

We need someone to guide us, a person who generates more trust?

It has been demonstrated that humans need to talk to each other in some way and we will surely see many more streaming with critiques in the future, because a person generates more trust, but a paper with ideas does not.

Another interesting point is that the human being in history has been bent, in Mexico important people are kidnapped, in Latin America politics is financed and in advertising it is probably much worse because few streamers do it because they like it, many do it just for the royalties.


As we must take care of the herd instinct or comfort that the internet gives us.

Think about yourself, if it is extremely difficult because of the bombardment of ideas, really, what this person is doing to me makes sense, really amuses me or generates something positive in me, what would happen if I do nothing and I stay in the same point.

Once you pass these questions, you will be much more self-critical but at the same time it is difficult, because to open the internet and feel pleasure takes 5 seconds to think about you, probably 10 minutes.

You must be strong, these schemes have been passed down from generation to generation because people *believe* in something.

I thank you very much if you can leave your comment or any point of view, I value every letter and point of your opinion.

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