Chile's needs and tensions are on the rise.

By Introspection | International News. | 26 Apr 2021

Good morning community, tensions in Chile are very high again, a lot of inequality, many people going through bad situations, low acceptance of the president of Chile, I am Chilean and I will tell you what is happening.


Chile is a country of warriors of people who live to work but not everything is enough for its population.

The pandemic has left millions of people unemployed,

The only way to bring a social and economic solution to its inhabitants has been the withdrawal of their own pension savings AFP, and different types of bonds have emerged.

Bono Ife, Bono Clase Media, Bono de Emergencia but they have had very little economic impact since they reach a reduced number of people.

Letra Chica

A bonus was promised that would reach the large population but when you wanted to see if you were available it asked you for 2019 requirements, something strange for a 2021 aid.


Many people in the presidential cabinet have given up on being with the president, reorganizing him from zero, the pressure, the growing disapproval has left him very lonely and with a high tension in the congress.

We must not forget that Chile is a very rich country but its cost of living is very high its income from work is low $520 dollars a month per person,a perspective is to see that a monthly rent takes 2/3 of your gross salary a daily locomotion ticket 1/400. Daily food 4/400 any blow to the economy is severe for the population in not being able to choose food or basic resources.


After a bonus was promised by all the social networks, TV, internet, radios among others many people expected to be helped but at the time of the day less than 10% of the population managed to be accepted.


The last thing that has been happening, on the part of the government, is again a withdrawal of 10% of the personal savings of each worker.

More direct social benefits with no small print.

Bonuses to incentivize employment, if you hire a person you get a bonus to incentivize hiring.

Delivery of emergency food boxes containing much needed products.

Indebtedness with the Central Bank at low interest rates directly with the organization.


As a Chilean and resident I hope that everything will improve, soon will come the writing of a new constitution, the population voted that it should be completely modified to move towards fairer and kinder solutions.

In Chile there are many opportunities but the level of over indebtedness is very high compared to banks or commercial houses is of great concern as for studying you must pay throughout your life CAE, more and more credit is used for basic goods like rice or noodles.

Humans are strong, as such we must pass in the face of these adversities we are able to solve the vast majority of problems the best vibes for my people.

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