Prime XBT Trading Platform Overview

Prime XBT Trading Platform Overview

By Kluma | InterestingCrypto | 7 Jul 2020

Since entering the cryptocurrency market, Prime XBT has established itself as a universal trading ecosystem providing access to both traditional assets and cryptocurrencies. Prime XBT customers have access to a wide range of trading instruments, including margin trading with a hundredfold leverage. 

Prime XBT is a multi-functional trading platform that offers margin trading on more than 30 assets, including Forex currency pairs, leading world indices, commodities, precious metals and cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP and EOS.

Having registered in Seychelles, the Prime XBT cryptocurrency exchange entered the cryptocurrency market in 2018. Since then, the company has been developing rapidly - three offices were opened in two years, and the trade infrastructure was moved to Switzerland. Thanks to this, Prime XBT provides an increasingly wide range of tools to its customers.

So, today professional and novice crypto traders from more than 150 countries turn to Prime XBT services, and the average daily trading volume exceeds $ 545 million. In 2019, 74.1% of Prime XBT customers' market transactions were executed at the requested price, which is much higher than the average industry.

Prime XBT customer market transactions percentage for 2019. Source .

Key advantages of the Prime XBT trading platform:

 Ultra-high order execution speed - on average less than 7.12 ms

 The ultimate trading engine with real-time risk management support

 Powerful and secure Amazon AWS infrastructure

Prime XBT also has a high level of security. Most of the digital assets of Prime XBT customers are stored offline (“Cold Storage”). Only a small portion of the funds are in the online wallet. At the same time, the Prime XBT team uses Multisig technology to guarantee attack protection and resistance to key or code loss. All transfers of assets from offline wallet to online are manual and require the coordinated actions of several employees.

In addition to the standard features of two-factor account authentication (2FA), SSL encryption, and continuous verification of the IT security of the entire ecosystem, the Prime XBT crypto exchange clients can access:

 Mandatory whitelisting of bitcoin wallet addresses;

 Offline digital asset storage with Multisig technology;

 Security hardware modules certified to FIPS PUB 140-2 Level 3 or higher;

 Full verification of systemic risks after each execution of an order;

 Encryption of all passwords and other sensitive data with cryptographic hash functions (using bcrypt with an indicator of 12);

 Cloudfare to mitigate potential distributed DDoS attacks.

Moreover, the exposure limit works on Prime XBT - this is the maximum possible position size for each crypto-exchange client. The trading platform does not allow customers to place orders that, when executed, will exceed this limit. This restriction is set by the Prime XBT Risk Management Department and depends on various factors, for example, instrument liquidity, volatility and other market conditions.

As for commissions, there are two types on Prime XBT:

 Transaction fee

 Leverage Interest

The usual commission is 0.05% for pairs with cryptocurrencies and 0.01% for pairs with fiat currencies. The cost of using leverage depends on the liquidity of the underlying asset. Moreover, if a trader opens and closes a margin position on the same day, interest on leverage is not charged.

Prime XBT works with 12 liquidity providers, which allows the cryptocurrency exchange to provide low latency and reasonable prices for all available assets. The trading platform is constantly developing the functionality available to traders, providing them with an increasingly wide range of tools for trading and market analysis. So, traders are presented charts with flexible settings and an integrated package of more than 50 indicators of technical analysis.

The interface of the Prime XBT cryptocurrency exchange. Source .

For beginners of cryptocurrency trading, a separate Prime XBT Turbo platform is specially provided . It allows you to earn up to 90% of profit in 30 seconds, simply by predicting whether the price of the selected instrument will be higher or lower relative to the current value of the asset. If the price forecast turns out to be correct, a fixed amount will be paid out soon.

Prime XBT Turbo. Source .

Prime XBT also offers customers participation in the affiliate program of the exchange, providing additional earning opportunities. For attracting new customers, the crypto site offers a reward of up to 50% of the commission paid by each referral. Moreover, the cryptocurrency exchange has a four-level referral system that provides from 5% to 20% of the share of transactions of new customers.


Despite the fact that the crypto exchange entered the market relatively recently, it has already established itself as a reliable provider of the best trading opportunities.

With access to a wide range of tools and more than 30 assets of various markets, Prime XBT remains the preferred trading environment for traders of various levels. Register to gain access to the unique Prime XBT platform in priority.


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