Max Kaiser: people with low income should buy bitcoin every day

Max Kaiser: people with low income should buy bitcoin every day

By Kluma | InterestingCrypto | 14 May 2020

The founder of the company Heisenberg Capital criticized the us policy and told how much you need to invest in cryptocurrency to get rich

The "poor" should invest at least one dollar in bitcoin every day, Max Kaiser, founder of Heisenberg Capital and host of the Keiser Report show, said on his Twitter account. He explained this by saying that governments print money, which leads to its depreciation. Even benefits do not make people richer, because their savings lose value due to inflation.

"Poor people like to hear that the government is giving away money. They think they will get a little richer, but they are not. The reason is inflation. Poor people should buy bitcoin for at least $ 1 a day. It will enrich them. Those who did so when I first recommended it 9 years ago are now millionaires, " Kaiser wrote.

Chamat Palihapitiya, the founder of social Capital, a venture capital firm, also called for buying bitcoin. In an interview with CNBC, he also criticized the us Federal reserve's policy for measures to stimulate the economy. The regulator's actions did not solve the problems of unemployment or income inequality, but allowed several organizations to "play the financial markets" to earn more money.

National economies are entering a stage of depression, currencies are depreciating, so investors should transfer capital to bitcoin, palihapitiya stressed. To justify this position, he cited the example of the founder of the hedge Fund Tudor Investment, Paul Tudor Jones. The billionaire on Monday, may 11, said that he invested 1% of his assets in the first cryptocurrency. According to Forbes estimates, this is about $50 million.

On February 17, Kaiser predicted an increase in the value of bitcoin to $400,000. The coin will become more expensive due to halving and the reluctance of miners to sell it at a low rate. The entrepreneur noted that BTC for $10,000 or $9300 is as attractive as it once was for $100.

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