GYM Token . GYMRewards project
GYM Token . GYMRewards project

By Kluma | InterestingCrypto | 21 Feb 2020

I came across GYM EOS token on coinmarketcap and coingecko

Unfortunately, little information at this point has probably been added recently.

The token works on the EOS blockchain. here you can see basic information about holders and issues


Whitepapper from the site


Decentralized EOS Proof of Exercise token with an innovative mobile app that allows you to mine cryptocurrency in the gym using your body.

This token can be obtained through the Gymrewards app.


The number of coins you get depends on your heart rate.

Connect your fitness tracker to the app and do physical exercises.

Coins can be sold at the moment on the NEWDEX exchange.


It seems there is a movement in the orders.

You can also add your token to the mining app. to do this, you need to contact the team in the telegram chat and discuss the terms

The team will soon release its fitness bracelet with a cryptocurrency wallet and a watch that can be purchased on amazon and will launch an investment project



There is not much activity in social networks, mostly rare posts in the telegram group

There's also Twitter and Facebook


what do you think about this token? is it worth investing in?

at the moment I purchased 1,000,000 tokens at a very low price on newdex 


about any interesting for me crypto projects

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