Bitcoin Hashrate Approaches Historic Maximum

By Kluma | InterestingCrypto | 8 Jun 2020

After another recalculation of complexity, the amount of computing power in the network of the first cryptocurrency reached record levels

The bitcoin hash exceeded 130 EH / s and approached the historic maximum of 136.24 EH / s, which was set in March this year. The total amount of computing power in the network of the first cryptocurrency has grown after the next recalculation of complexity. It took place last Thursday, June 4, over the past month the value has decreased by 15%, to 13.73 T.


The block release interval was reduced to 7 minutes with a standard value of 10 minutes. Thanks to this, miners by over 100 blocks outperformed the expected order of their release. Also, the mempool was completely cleared of unconfirmed transactions.

The average transaction processing fee fell to $ 1, although on May 20 it exceeded $ 6.6. Despite an 84 percent decrease from the maximum, the indicator remains several times higher than normal levels. For example, on January 1, it was $ 0.29, and in mid-April it was $ 0.39.

Earlier, analysts at the Kraken exchange predicted that the Bitcoin rate would drop to $ 6,200. This will happen if the coin cannot overcome the upper boundary of the triangle, which runs in the region of $ 10,500. It acts as a resistance and prevents the coin from going up in price over the past few years.

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