Trump/Biden Shows The Worst Of A Two Party System

I am dipping my toes into a political topic for a change.  If you reside in the United States, then you are seeing a presidential run that is unprecedented.

We are set to run the two worst candidates for president we have ever had.  (This is just not my humble opinion, polling backs up that neither of these candidates could beat one of the Jonas Brothers.) We are seeing the worst part of a two party system, where the ultimate goal is not to run the most qualified, solid and stable candidate, but, simply to try and push the worst possible person across the finish line because the other side is running someone just as bad. 

The 1970’s saw each party put in two pretty bad presidents in Nixon and Carter, but, they never faced each other and the country never had the chance to put either of them back in power after their problematic runs and losses.

I bring this up, because we are seeing a really bad time in the market, we are pretty much flat for more than two years and it looks like we are not anywhere clear of turning it around.  My issue, is this is the time when a strong politician should step up and turn this thing around.  I don’t really care which side of the political spectrum they come from, just some that shows confidence that they are going to fix the issues we are facing. Instead, we have a Republican whose major talking point is how is has been wronged and a Democrat that is running on not being the other guy. We don’t even hear “Build the Wall” chants, whether you agree or disagree, at least it was a platform.

Now, you might say this is just moronic, to simply want a strong, confident president, regardless of their political affiliation. You are right, in a perfect world I would be checking off that my vote was going to someone that I agreed with on policy, but, that is not a luxury we have this time around. I am not sure either is running on a policy, just the “At Least I’m Not That Guy” platform.

If I am wrong, make your point about what either person is running on for the next four years, that doesn’t focus on the other candidate.

(If you made it this far then full disclosure, I throw my vote away every four years on a third party candidate.)



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