The Reality Of Younger Siblings

(My 11 year old daughter really wanted to write an article, and this is her first attempt. I told her I would publish it here for her. Enjoy)

I find it amusing how children are so exited to hear that they'll have a new sibling, but some time later they want nothing to do with their little brother/sister. Someone once told me a story that her mom told her: when her older brothers first saw her, they loved her, but, after an about an hour, they came to their mother and said, "We're done with her now, can you take her back to the hospital?"

I wish it worked that way. My younger brother used to be all the buzz in our house, but now he's a fly and I can't find the fly swatter. I don't know if I can be talking though, because I'm a younger sibling myself.

My mom had a younger sibling and somehow she survived. Her strategy was tricking her brother; once when they were young, she let him have the doll that could fly, in a game. In the end, that doll made all the others fly, making his pointless.

A little sibling is like a trend and the older child is over it.  In the future, don't get exited about new siblings, they're not what they seem.

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