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The next installment on products I use, will be on Upside.  I realize most of these products I am talking about are specific to the United States, but, that is where I live, so it is what it is. I still hear ads daily on the radio for Upside stating that you can make 300 dollars a year just on gas rebates, let me get this out of the way, you can not. All is not lost, though, as you can get some benefit from using it without much work. 

Upside is an app that lets you earn cash back on purchases. It started mainly with gas and has evolved into restaurants, convenience stores and groceries, that is about it. You can see what locations are nearby and what the rebate will be in the app and then head on over and make your purchases. I first started using Upside when I was still traveling for work. I was filling up my car and rentals on a regular basis.  There was only gas back then, and to be honest, I didn't use it much.  It was not as streamlined in the beginning, you would need to get a paper receipt and take a picture and upload it and then fill out any additional information that they requested.  It was quite a hassle, and usually not worth it after the initial signup bonuses were used up.

It did get better, though.  Now you can give the app the last four digits of the credit/debit card you use and it is all automatic.  You will simply check in at a location by tapping it in the app, and then once you have completed your purchase, click the I have paid button. Usually not much more than ten seconds to do everything. Usually within about 24 hours you will see the credit. Since they have made it so easy to use, I usually check if there are any gas stations nearby before I fill up. I don't drive out of my way, but, if there is an offer it is pretty easy to earn it.  

The good thing is, the app will show you multiple gas stations around and their current price for gas and what the price is with the rebate. This will keep you from driving somewhere to make .15 a gallon on gas that is price .20 more than another gas station.

Most months I can end up with three to eight dollars, it is rare that I use for eating out, but, if I do, that can be anywhere from two to eight dollars each time, but, the locations are limited.  You need at least fifteen dollars to cash out, or there is a 1.25 fee. 

The signup offers have dropped off quite a bit from the early days, but, you currently can get .25 extra a gallon to get started and with the code below, it is an extra .15. So if you do sign up make sure you are on empty when you fill up the first time to get the full .40 plus the original offer on as much gas as possible. If you put in 12 gallons, it should be around five to eight dollars.

Promo Code: R3A3U


One last trick, if you do sign up, refer your spouse (if you have one) so you earn each time they fill up.

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