Feltersnacth Coin Rockets To The Moon

Created by noted crypto guru, Howie Feltersnatch, this crypto is well on its way to overtaking all others out there.  It is a deflationary coin in that every time you research it or, even think about it, your position is instantly cut in half.  It is this type of genius thinking that insures your Feltersnatch will never be worth zero, simply closer and closer to zero.

But, wait there is more to this crypto than that.  There is a 1:2 fee for moving your tokens. That's right, it cost 2 Feltersnach tokens to trade one and one of the tokens is the token you are moving.  You guessed it, you have to pay to give away you Feltersnatch.  Confusing, I know.  

Is this crypto right for you? Well, maybe, but digging into the rules of Feltersnacth, you will find that only people name George between the ages of 27 and 41 are allowed to buy and sell Feltersnatch.  So, it is an exclusive club.  

Finally, Feltersnatch is all about giving back. This crypto technology will make sure every vegan involved in the Feltersnatch project has someone that follows them around and at every meal will ask them to tell them more about the vegan lifestyle.  How is this giving back, you ask?  Well, I would ask you, how is not giving back?

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