An overview of Grayscale's cryptocurrency holdings

Digital Currency Group (DCG)

Grayscale currently holds 13 different cryptocurrencies in trusts but Bitcoin remains its biggest investment with a whooping 35.39 billion dollars worth of BTC. Grayscale investments is currently the biggest digital asset management firm and it forms part of the venture capital firm Digital Currency Group. Besides this firm, DCG has another two subsidiaries, namely Genesis Trading which is a digital currency brokerage and CoinDesk which is cryptocurrency focused news site. 

Grayscale Bitcoin Trust 

Originally called 'Bitcoin Investment Trust' with its debut on the 25th of September 2013, the total holdings have reached an excess of 654,850BTC (3.12% of total supply) making it likely that it holds the most Bitcoin in the world. This would possibly only be beaten by Satoshi Nakamoto himself with an estimated 1.1 million BTC and the Winklevoss twins that bought 1.5 million BTC for 120 dollars a coin. 

Grayscale Ethereum Trust

This is the second largest holdings in terms of value in USD, currently valued at 5.1 billion dollars. 3.18 million ether is currently held by Grayscale, with the firm accumulating 52,730ETH in just 24 hours last month, its safe to say sentiment is full steam ahead. Their holdings are equivalent to 3.3% of total supply.

Grayscale Litecoin Trust 

Although small in comparison with the above two trusts, the LTC trust is in no way a slight investment with over 1.5million coins valued at over 281 million dollars. The firm also accumulated 36,987LTC in the same 24hours as the above ether, proving their commitment to the cryptocurrency. This is 2.25% of the chikun's supply!

Grayscale Ethereum Classic Trust

Ranking #69th by market cap, ETC is their fourth largest holding currently valued at roughly 151 million dollars. With a sizeable portion of the circulating supply, the trust can boast over 12.44 million ETC which is a mind bending 10.7% of its supply. This is certainly an impressive figure meaning that currently Grayscale own 1 in every 10.

Grayscale Bitcoin Cash Trust

Although many Bitcoin maximalists view Bitcoin Cash with even more disdain than other altcoins, Grayscale clearly have no qualms in accumulating it with a massive 149.75 million dollars worth equivalent to 291,310BCH.

Grayscale Zcash Trust

Seen as an interesting investment, and perhaps one which could spell trouble for the firm in the case that the US government bans privacy coins, it is currently worth around 40 million dollars. Around 303,880 ZEC are under their management which is the equivalent of 2.66% of the current circulating supply.

Grayscale Horizen Trust

Described by Grayscale as a secure and private platform for money, the firm currently hold 604,250 ZEN worth 28.58 million dollars. This comes out to a spectacular 5.54% of its circulating supply which highlights the value of the trust in relation to Horizen's value itself.

Grayscale Stellar Lumens Trust

A modest sum of 63.02 million XLM worth 22.98 million dollars, which is miniscule in relation to its massive supply but important nonetheless since it stands out among the other trusts.

Grayscale Decentraland Trust

Announced recently on the 17th of March in an official statement, it is the largest of the recent trusts with 9.87million MANA worth 8.44 million dollars. This token is used in a virtual reality which makes it quite different to Grayscale's original trusts.

Grayscale Livepeer Trust

Perhaps their most surprising trusts, it was also announced on the 17th of March and the coin rose to the average investors spotlight due to this event. 155,500 LPT are held at a value of 2.99 million dollars.

Grayscale Basic Attention Token Trust

A token used by Brave to pay users for viewing adverts and also a major token in the DeFi world, Grayscale currently possess 1.8 million BAT worth 1.79 million dollars.

Grayscale Filecoin Trust

A coin that has only recently become popular after its listing on Coinbase. A total of 16,000 FIL valued at 1.39 million dollars.

Grayscale Chainlink Trust

Their first oracle listing with a cult following that grew exponentially in value in 2020. To the astonishment of many in the cryptocurrency community, this is Grayscale's smallest holding with 49,900 LINK worth 1.25 million dollars.

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