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Stripe Has Now Entered the Building (of Crypto)

Investors who've desperately wanted another drink of crypto news bliss can now get another delicious drop with Stripe's move into the crypto world. Constructive institutional and corporate involvement in crypto has been a particular key point of interest of many investors for several reasons. First, it gives more hope to the idea that crypto is capable of serving a large number of users and can be used as a universal form of payment. Secondly, a wider institutional support base allows crypto to be exposed to more users (and more types of investors). Thirdly, more crypto-related things will probably be inspired when tech expertise meets digital currency innovation. The strong bond between these two ideas is key to inspiring a great rise in new developments in better crypto payment systems.

Stripe is widely known as an online company with a reputable infrastructure for payment systems. The company has recently taken interest in supporting various functions of the crypto realm such as crypto wallets, exchanges, and even marketplaces that sell NFTs! So, those who've been quite skeptical about NFTs might see otherwise.

Speaking of which, NFTs have been rising in popularity not only because it is a "fad". It's because it's just practical. Let's say that you somehow were able to afford the Mona Lisa painting ('in your dreams', you might say). Suddenly, you decide to show that pretty painting to one of your artistic friends. Oh, wait! You'll have to carry that eighteen-pound painting (with the frame included) to your car and hope that the material (that could turn to dust at any moment) will not rip along the way.

Now, think about the hypothetical future. You could have that same Mona Lisa painting in a special NFT USB stick - and still, have it worth the same amount of cash (or even more)! That's right! Mona Lisa can live in the digital space. She doesn't have to be stuck in the middle ages. So, come along with the bandwagon (or rather, MOONwagon) and be part of the next generation of collectors and artists!

But, I digress. Investors of Stripe might be thinking "where are we going with this now"? Good question! Stripe is probably going to do what Stripe does best - applying well-built and researched payment infrastructure strategies to the crypto space. This is the kind of expertise we need in crypto. What are your thoughts on Stripe's dive into the fantastic world of crypto?

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