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LG is Making NFTs Even More Trendy

In this digital era, almost any online tech concept that wants to be trendy needs to garner interest from various electronic and tech industries. And NFTs are no exception. NFTs (or Non-Fungible Tokens) are a digital way of representing media on the blockchain. These tokens are like little time capsules containing creative pieces which are made of many bits and bytes in the digital realm. As an example, a picture of the Mona Lisa could 'technically' be stored as an NFT on the blockchain.

Over the past several years, NFTs have gained recognition as an easy way to transfer, store, show, and share a unique piece of work. Its popularization initially started with some NFT art collections and artists that sprung to fame seemingly overnight (e.g. CryptoPunk's Collection and the Bored Ape Yacht Club). These famous digital artworks have inspired lots of aspiring artists to join the fun and mint some of their own special NFTs - hoping to get a piece of the popularity pie.

The spread of NFTs has also been marked by many milestones such as being integrated into art presentations, galleries, decentralized apps, and businesses. One of the latest active engagements with the NFT world was LG's endeavors to include an NFT 'option' that came with their smart TVs. And they didn't stop there. They also created "Drops Gallery", an app dedicated to recognizing digital art (with a focus on NFT artwork).

The introduction of the Metaverse and blockchain-based gaming dApps has only accelerated the incorporation of NFTs into the digital space. Along with this comes - you guessed it - more corporate interest! In fact, Samsung Electronics, Boeing, and Facebook were some of the major companies that have recently made plans to enter into the Metaverse. This may spur interest for NFTs that are embedded within these metaverse spaces.

Considering the new developments and the adoption of NFTs across various sectors of the tech industry, what are your thoughts on the future of NFTs? Are your an active member of the NFT world? If so, what are some of the lucrative endeavors you have embarked upon with your NFT sales?

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