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Crypto Wishing Fountain - Can I Please Have Some Pie for Pi Day?

As you may (or may not) know, "Pi" day (and Pi time) is coming soon and, on this day, we celebrate the number that begins as 3.14159265359...(and the rest is history).

So, why is this number so important? Here's why...

First and foremost, it has given people in lots of fields the ability to do magical things like building weird and amazing-looking buildings and fly space-age crafts into the cosmos. It also has been a fundamental component of many discoveries in physics, medicine, air travel, and even the music that you enjoy listening to on your favorite device!

Second of all, it has inspired many things that are themed on Pi. And, you guessed it! One of them is crypto! Pi Network is a crypto that was themed off of Pi and it's actually one of the new and upcoming ones that actually might go to the Moon in the future.

Thirdly, it's the day when I eat pie for dinner. Ehem...

I love pie. Especially, the one with the strawberry toppies with fresh sweet cream. Some of my other favorites include apple pie and blueberry pie. There have been many variations of this classic dessert, but one of the most innovative was the 'hand pie'. Yes, you heard it right.

It's the pie that ergonomically fits right into your hand which makes it easier to do chores and paperwork while munching on something that you love. With a traditional circular pie, that's a bit harder to do. Just imagine holding a full-sized pie with one hand while typing up a request letter with the other hand.

Speaking of requests, would you be so sweet to help a simple human get a decent pie for a small Pi day celebration? Your donation will make a wish come true for one hungry tummy.

Contribute ETH (Ethereum) or BNB (Binance Coin) to the Pie Tin Can Address:


Thank you and have a Merry Pi Day!

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