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In the 21st century, the confidentiality of information is one of the most important tasks for both ordinary people and companies of any kind of activity. Since now in the digital age, the vast majority of the world's population is constantly online. Therefore, it is so important to find a platform on which you can exchange messages and at the same time be sure that your personal confidential information remains under reliable protection.

With the advent of cryptocurrencies, one of the most important tasks was to maintain anonymity. In practice, anonymity is compromised:

  1. If you want to trade on the exchange - most likely you will have to go through a complete identity check, and refusing to go through KYC can be caused by understandable intentions, now there are a lot of hacks of various kinds of platforms that represent ICO, IEO, STO, Bounty and the same most exchanges. As a result, an enormous amount of confidential user data is now walking on the Internet, who trusted the projects and provided their data. As a result these data are sold for a penny.

Recently, I went to the exchange, which I last visited half a year ago. I wanted to withdraw just $ 5 in TRX, as a result, the exchange requested KYC. When registering, KYC is necessary if you trade more than 1 or 2 BTC. Correspondence with the exchange support service did not bring any result, despite a well-reasoned explanation that there is a confirmation code from the mail, 2FA, the withdrawal is only $ 5.


     2. If we consider accounts on social networks, then at the moment there are already quite a few scandals about data leakage. Moreover, if we               consider the situation in terms of the fact that most users are focused on large global social networks that have a huge user database.

     3.Now more and more services of everyday life of people require confidential information, and most likely they will not be able to protect it, since          small companies devote very little time and money to protecting their databases.

Stegos protects and empowers users by protecting their personal information from prying eyes. Other cryptocurrencies, even privacy coins, require users to reveal their identities in various ways. But Stegos will allow you to buy and sell cryptocurrency, request and send payments and, most importantly, communicate with other Stegos users. All with complete anonymity, all with one application and token (STG).

Any investments ALWAYS carry risks, therefore, when deciding, ALWAYS rely on your Money Management and the risk you can take!

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Cryptocurrency Investments. Promising projects.
Cryptocurrency Investments. Promising projects.

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