Somniumspace - an innovative approach to investing in real estate.


Somniumspace - an innovative approach to investing in real estate.

Virtual reality along with robotics and blockchain projects are very promising industries. Most likely, in these areas we should expect the greatest breakthrough in the next decade. Already, these are many billion-dollar markets that are constantly developing and growing.

Owning land and real estate is certainly one of the oldest and time-tested investments. Since the 21st century is a digital age, therefore, the purchase of land and real estate in virtual reality (VR) is very promising for investment.


While ownership of VR land and real estate is an emerging market, the initial reaction from investors and the VR community has been very positive and brought tens of millions of dollars in the early years. Most likely, more and more people will be interested in virtual reality, which will give a strong impetus to its development, respectively, interest in VR projects, in which the number of land plots is limited will constantly grow. Therefore, early investors in the digital worlds, where the amount of land available is limited, will need to think very carefully about the location of the plots that they reserve, but they can use their knowledge when investing in real estate in real life. On the other hand, if the virtual world had an unlimited amount of land offered, this would naturally reduce the value of these sites, and subsequently decline in interest in the game.

Of course, this is possible provided that the project is in constant development, close cooperation with its users and an innovative approach to its technical equipment.


Somnium Space is an open, social virtual world that allows everyone to buy land, build or import objects, easily monetize and just enjoy the game. The main goal of Somnium Space is to create a virtual environment that offers a rich complement to reality, filled with new and exciting features. In principle, we can say that this is a whole economy in virtual reality, which may well cover the entire continent.

Selling land is a central element of the Somnium economy, which offers many opportunities for private or commercial use. You can monetize your land and run a successful business in true VR metaverse.

Somnium Space creates a world with its own economy and its own currency. The world of virtual reality with its own market, games, social experience and ownership of virtual land. Somnium will be fully accessible from any device from the 2D mode on the user's desktop to the exciting VR mode on the user's desktop or mobile phone.


Somniumspace Benefits:

  1. Cross-platform - available on all major VR headsets.
  2. Customizable PC client - create and configure your own layout for quick interaction in the game.
  3. Property security. Automatic ownership of purchased property through a smart contract.
  4. Integration of the blockchain allows you to truly own digital goods, avatars, objects and virtual land.
  5. The constant social world of VR - an unlimited scalable world created by users in a single copy.
  6. Virtual land ownership - buy and set up your own land. Create everything you imagine.
  7. Program your own experience and monetize through the asset store or on your property. Take advantage of the fully programmable VR ad plugin.
  8. Partnership with Loom and OpenSea, which offer the best technology in their field. The OpenSea online platform is the largest collectible market on the Internet, while Loom provides speed and near-zero transaction costs for users with in-game transactions.
  9. Partnership with Sony and its amazing technology for creating 3D models, which allows users to create full-fledged avatars of avatars in a matter of minutes, along with any 3D models for the Somnium Store. Sony's VR store in Somnium Space is one of the first in the world.
  10. Buying / selling through decentralized trading floors
  11. Somnium Space, have a limited supply of land. In a world with an endless supply of land, owning land will be of little value, investors will not have much interest, and it will be more difficult for virtual property developers to monetize their land. Those who have real estate ownership skills will have every opportunity to move into the virtual world.
  12. Since the creation of a virtual reality object does not actually require practical skills in masonry, plumbing, wiring, or even access to large sums of money, it opens up a market for many who want to build something unique, but simply do not have the skills, or the means available in real life.
  13. VR aligns the playing field - imagination, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit are key skills for the future of VR. Many users may well become millionaires in real life using the meta-universe of VR.
  14. Good activity in social networks and the press.


Any investment ALWAYS carry risks, so when deciding ALWAYS rely on your Money Management and the risk you can take!

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Cryptocurrency Investments. Promising projects.
Cryptocurrency Investments. Promising projects.

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