HackenAI - Your personal data is protected!

HackenAI - Your personal data is protected!

In the 21st century, the confidentiality of information is one of the most important tasks for both ordinary people and companies of any kind of activity. Since now in the digital age, the vast majority of the world's population is constantly online. Therefore, it is so important to find a platform where you can get a simple cybersecurity training and know what the main points of protection are, use a password manager to access your accounts, use a digital wallet for cryptocurrencies, search for malicious sites and be sure that your personal confidential information remains under reliable protection.

In addition to the well-known problems of centralization, the lack of confidentiality adds another problem - the possibility of hackers breaking into your personal data, which can lead to the loss of your money. You can determine a lot about one person by analyzing expenses. Sensitive financial information is currently stored in a system that is very vulnerable to hacking.


If we consider accounts on social networks, then at the moment there are already quite a lot of scandals about data leakage. Moreover, if we consider the situation in terms of the fact that most users are focused on large global social networks that have a huge user database.

Now more and more services of everyday life of people require confidential information, and most likely they will not be able to protect it, as small companies devote very little time and money to protecting their databases.

In the modern world, in order to achieve their goals, companies need feedback from buyers of their products. Moreover, the personal data of users should be as objective as possible, so that companies can timely monitor the needs of people, provide targeted marketing and profitable sales of products. In addition, the large conglomerates that exist on the market collect your personal data without your permission, they use them for their marketing purposes and get profit from it, and you get nothing.


Your personal data is already sold by websites and applications that you use every day.

Hacken, founded in August 2017 by cybersecurity experts, Big Four professionals, and white hat hackers, is a cybersecurity ecosystem.

The security ecosystem will include:

  • constant high-quality protection against the main cyber risks for customers.
  • foster a community of ethical hackers through education and customer relations.
  • simplify knowledge of cryptocurrency.

Hacken is developing the following cybersecurity:

CyberBootCamp is a unique educational program on the main topics of cybersecurity, including account management, anti-phishing, privacy and much more. As an introductory journey to HackenAI, users will learn how to stay safe and learn basic information about everything related to cybersecurity locally and on the Internet. Now this direction is most relevant, as people are more and more interested in cryptocurrencies, while not paying much attention to the security of their data. After elementary training, users will have the knowledge to protect their data in the best way.

DarkNet Monitoring is an identity theft prevention product that allows you to monitor your personal information on a dark network and receive notifications if your information is compromised or found on the Internet.


Password Manager - using advanced encryption, you can back up your passwords and store them in HackenAI secure storage with just one click. HackenAI Secure Storage is protected from all forms of cyberattacks, including sim swaps, viruses, malware, and more. Also, this type of protection can help many people, as often inexperienced users create the same passwords to access their personal accounts and simply store them on a computer, thereby not providing high-quality protection.


Digital wallet - easily send, receive and store your digital assets and cryptocurrencies on your device. HackenAI Digital Wallet is protected by advanced encryption technology and supports many different block chains, including VeChainThor and others.

Other directions are also being developed now:

Multi-factor authentication, secure cryptocurrency storage, VPN service, antivirus program, blocker of anti-phishing and malicious sites, risk assessment system for installed applications.

Nowadays, your personal information must be well protected!


Any investments ALWAYS carry risks, so when deciding to do it, ALWAYS rely on your Money Management and the risk you can take!










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