ALT-TOP - a modern platform for agricultural management!

Agriculture is one of the most important and oldest industries. Agricultural professions will always be in demand, and the burden on agriculture is constantly growing, because the world's population is increasing by 85-90 million people annually. For many countries, agriculture plays a very important role and remains one of the main sources of income in the country's budget. The world agricultural market is estimated at 12 trillion dollars, therefore, both state institutions and private companies are interested in developing the market. Return on Investment (ROI) in agriculture is considered one of the best, with an average of 11.5% per year, compared to 10% of Standard & Poor's 500.


It is worth noting that now more and more private capital is entering the agricultural industry, therefore, there is a constant replacement and modernization of old machines and mechanisms. Various innovations are also constantly being introduced. From the foregoing, we can conclude that agriculture is closely connected with world trends and developments in the field of robotics, renewable energy, biotechnology, agricultural chemistry. Which ultimately will give an even stronger impetus to the development of agriculture.

ALT-TOP took on the role of one of the pioneers in creating a blockchain-based platform, thereby combining advanced technology with the agricultural industry. The blockchain will be used to store data on the demand and supply of farmers' products, transportation and storage of crops, crop production to provide peer-to-peer communication between farmers and end users.


ALT-TOP can solve many current problems of the agricultural industry:

  1. Expensive operational management and high risk of misconduct
  2. Food Security and Food Fraud
  3. Delays in payments for farmers' products

ALT-TOP Solutions:

  • A platform that links all intermediaries together using a motivation system.
  • ALT-TOP encourages farmers, the supply chain and service providers to make better decisions and obtain certificates through a public channel.
  • Direct payments to the farmer through the platform.
  • Auction or tender platform to serve suppliers in order to fair the price of farmers' products.
  • IoT devices for tracking the movement of goods.
  • • Low commission fees.


To summarize, ALT-TOP provides many advantages in carrying out farming activities: transparency, remote audit of any agricultural asset, daily monitoring, greatly simplifies the crowdfunding method for farmers, which is extremely important as in the current environment many farmers simply cannot enter the market. It is also worth noting the fact that the risks are significantly reduced when investing in new agricultural assets.

Project team:


Any investment ALWAYS carry risks, so when deciding ALWAYS rely on your Money Management and the risk you can take!

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